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  1. Extinction 466 dead How is possible now that after 2 days server is offline.....
  2. Atm i wait 3 days and support no answer me, 3 days where i lost my imprint with dinos, and can't play because i wait my answer , after sended ticket..... So i want know who give me back all... I lost in my inventory my wyvern in cryopod, that i grew up in 5 days, because i hadn't cryopods during this period, and many structures in my bag... Now who give me back my wyvern, i need do screenshots of what?? So me like an idiot everytimes need make screenshot because a day i will need if something will be wrong with servers??? DILO?? this ruin game experience.. And this slowness of answer me, make discomfort because i can't do nothing in game, because if i'm solo i already lost all my dinos, my base, ecc....
  3. I lost my character How is possible that during transfer from ragnarok to valguero, valguero server crashed and I lost my character, I tried go in ragnarok and nothing, go in valguero and nothing... Can I get pls an answer...
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