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  1. After Update dino disappear This morning i login in my server, and i saw that my rex disappear, i tried watch my tribe info and nothing, i try spot him in all place and nothing. And it was in my base, in house... nothing could attack it.. just my problem?? And why always me...
  2. Info about Valguero 523, 524 and 525... Players that play in this servers , can I know if is just my server crashed now for 4h...intend Valguero 523...
  3. v300.1 not for all servers Some Valguero server like 523 were skipped during update... all servers that i check got update and my server no... but some servers of Valguero got update.. All players can't play in this conditions, where every 5/6 mins server crash for overspawn of raptors and wyverns...
  4. Crash and lag How is possible that with this new event my server Valguero 523 already crashed, in 2h, like 7 times and don't talk about lag.. we start this new event and server no prepared for stay up???? Just 17 players online... not so much.. but idk.. we lag and crash... impossible paly.. thx for this event that we can't use...
  5. Atm i wait 3 days and support no answer me, 3 days where i lost my imprint with dinos, and can't play because i wait my answer , after sended ticket..... So i want know who give me back all... I lost in my inventory my wyvern in cryopod, that i grew up in 5 days, because i hadn't cryopods during this period, and many structures in my bag... Now who give me back my wyvern, i need do screenshots of what?? So me like an idiot everytimes need make screenshot because a day i will need if something will be wrong with servers??? DILO?? this ruin game experience.. And this slowness of answer me, make discomfort because i can't do nothing in game, because if i'm solo i already lost all my dinos, my base, ecc....
  6. I lost my character How is possible that during transfer from ragnarok to valguero, valguero server crashed and I lost my character, I tried go in ragnarok and nothing, go in valguero and nothing... Can I get pls an answer...
  7. Ancalagon

    EU PVE 525

    Same problem with Valguero EU server 523 pve.. Today we crashed 7 times.. And server constantly have lag.. Is impossible play... Can possible solve this problem...
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