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  1. I'm playing in official server and with giga that not born lv 377 i put 80 level up... so in official not possible... giga not R variant i put screenshot of stats and level that i put on my giga in official server..like ytou can see 79 levels
  2. p.s. i got more than 73 levels on mana, i have free other 2 levels that i can't use
  3. Hi, i'm playing on official server, but recently i tested many times new info about levelling dino and we have possibility of put 88 levels on dino, but max cap is 450, no sense for who have dino that start from lv 377...i have screenshots that prove it. And ark smart breeding said that level cap is 465..... no sense.
  4. Extinction 466 dead How is possible now that after 2 days server is offline.....
  5. Atm i wait 3 days and support no answer me, 3 days where i lost my imprint with dinos, and can't play because i wait my answer , after sended ticket..... So i want know who give me back all... I lost in my inventory my wyvern in cryopod, that i grew up in 5 days, because i hadn't cryopods during this period, and many structures in my bag... Now who give me back my wyvern, i need do screenshots of what?? So me like an idiot everytimes need make screenshot because a day i will need if something will be wrong with servers??? DILO?? this ruin game experience.. And this slowness of answer me, make
  6. I lost my character How is possible that during transfer from ragnarok to valguero, valguero server crashed and I lost my character, I tried go in ragnarok and nothing, go in valguero and nothing... Can I get pls an answer...
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