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  1. We have decided on our next 2 maps in the cluster. Crystal Isles and Extinction!Making for 5 in the Cluster.Join us before all the good Base spots are taken.
  2. Bump. We may be new, but our numbers are rising! Average of 7 players online at any given time. Hope usually has a max of 9-10 online at one time.
  3. Bump, just added our new server with the Map, Hope!
  4. Any way to fix this or are we stuck dealing with it until Devkit or Ark gets an update?
  5. Heres a suggestion Test before making updates Test them against popular mods Stop making updates and patches to fix One SINGLE bug. The former patch completely borked my servers. ALL Items deleted that are base game items such as resources. ALL genesis dinos deleted ALL engrams reset CANNOT learn simple things like Narcotics now CANNOT craft simple things like grappling hooks This is unplayable. You wiped our minds, then introduced a bug that makes it impossible to unlock certain engrams without the unlockall ini opti
  6. We just moved to a new Physical Server and Introduced our Donor Perk Program.There are 3 TiersTier 1 ($2 Per Month)- In-Game Chat Icon- Tribe Logs directly to Private Discord ChannelTier 2 ($5 per Month)- In-game Chat Icon- Tribe Logs directly to Private Discord Channel- Ability to change Dino Colors with Commands ?Tier 3 ($10 Per Month)- In-game Chat Icon- Ability to change Dino Colors with Commands ?- Tribe Logs directly to Private Discord Channel- Donor Kits (or packs) that contain a few helpful Items and or Dinos- *more to come*
  7. Bump. Our Tribe on the Modded+ Server is growing, but still looking for more, our base location is MASSIVE.
  8. Bump. We made a few changes. Our Server #1 is Modded+ (a few mods to make the game a bit more fun) Our Server #2 is Primal Fear to the Max!
  9. Both Servers Wiped Today, and Valguero has been switched out with The Island! Mod list updated as well! We removed the Extended Primal Fear Bosses (only removes 4 bosses, but 800mb of space freed up!) We also removed CKF and CKF remastered to free up another 1,300mb of space. Much faster load times!
  10. Bump, still going strong. We aren't heavily populated, so no worries there!
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