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  1. We have decided on our next 2 maps in the cluster. Crystal Isles and Extinction!Making for 5 in the Cluster.Join us before all the good Base spots are taken.
  2. Bump. We may be new, but our numbers are rising! Average of 7 players online at any given time. Hope usually has a max of 9-10 online at one time.
  3. Bump, just added our new server with the Map, Hope!
  4. Any way to fix this or are we stuck dealing with it until Devkit or Ark gets an update?
  5. Heres a suggestion Test before making updates Test them against popular mods Stop making updates and patches to fix One SINGLE bug. The former patch completely borked my servers. ALL Items deleted that are base game items such as resources. ALL genesis dinos deleted ALL engrams reset CANNOT learn simple things like Narcotics now CANNOT craft simple things like grappling hooks This is unplayable. You wiped our minds, then introduced a bug that makes it impossible to unlock certain engrams without the unlockall ini option set to true. This is utterly game breaking. I spend close to $100 a month on Servers, and am seriously considering shutting them down. Im confined to my house do to this Corona BS, and was so happy i had time to finally play and fight bosses..... Here comes WC with a completely screwed update. So, im faced with the decision to completely wipe my servers, and remove all mods to play without issues, or get rid of my servers. After years of playing with Mods, we are NOT going back to Vanilla bc of some crappy update. So guess there goes months of time spent on this world, down the tubes. And Thousands of dollars spent down the tubes bc of this crappy update. So my suggestion to you, WC, is to test your updates before launching. You'd think since you own the Code to Mods like Structures Plus you would test your own updates against them to see if they work, but no... thats not logical for some reason.
  6. We just moved to a new Physical Server and Introduced our Donor Perk Program.There are 3 TiersTier 1 ($2 Per Month)- In-Game Chat Icon- Tribe Logs directly to Private Discord ChannelTier 2 ($5 per Month)- In-game Chat Icon- Tribe Logs directly to Private Discord Channel- Ability to change Dino Colors with Commands Tier 3 ($10 Per Month)- In-game Chat Icon- Ability to change Dino Colors with Commands - Tribe Logs directly to Private Discord Channel- Donor Kits (or packs) that contain a few helpful Items and or Dinos- *more to come*
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