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  1. my question is if they are craftable at city terminals on extinction now?
  2. I can confirm there are no loot drops on primitive plus island official servers, and the obs are all locked down tighter than a virgin in a nunnary, I can't confirm the kibble but I will be testing it shortly now that im set up to make some, would be really annoying if theres no way out of an 8 hour wait for a rex..... ffs please kibble work.
  3. its needed, especially with the mesh bases on almost every official server, not to mention the giant tribes that are hyper aggressive towards newer players or less experienced players. would level the playing field a bit, will they do it? maybe? that's tough to say, though I definitively think they would announce it prior.
  4. if their using a auto logger, that would make raiding them ridiculously easy because they in fact are never actually there, why not grab some c4 and some dino's n get to work? that smells like free loot to me.
  5. a possible fix would be to create a zone inside of the mesh that acted as a diplo hit, and rebounded you back out of the mesh, this way if someone accidently fell into the mesh (still have yet to see someone accidently fall in though but people claim it happens.) they wouldn't loose their gear, and if it was someone trying to get into the mesh to place a bed to run around in the mesh, well it would effectively force them out before they could carry out their nefarious plot, either that or simply creating a kill zone within the mesh, or adding a 3rd layer of mesh that's impassible by anything but ark dev's edit: honestly thinking about how innovative most rule breakers tend to be (which doesn't make too much sense, your going to try harder to find a way around something than just doing it?) a combination of all of my afore mentioned zones would work rather nicely, stack them ontop of each other the knockback zone, followed by the kill zone then the ark dev zone, incase dev's for whatever reason need to go deep mesh diving lol.
  6. dilo's are really annoying Honestly taming anything near where these little raptorers spawn is annoying because of how small they are, and the fact they aggro what your trying to tame over you and on argies I just found they get up under the wing to attack the birds body, but when you go to attack the little raptorer you hit the bird your trying to tame, lawl please add a grab this little poop and throw option to the dillo's tail so you can get them away from your tame without loosing a bunch of stuff for no reason literally a dilo can't kill a lvl 1 player with a bow and half a brain it makes no sense this would be in the game like this ffs im so annoyed right now
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