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  1. @WarBird25 the new dinos can be spawned in with admin codes.. anything that can be spawned in with admin codes can be spawned in using the ini's i can set it to my beach one and it will work but then id have my noob zones filled with dinos..some of those event ones are from last year idk if they will spawn havent tried but the new ones will for sure
  2. @Stoni to be honest i do read.... thats my ini ... the only ones that dont work is the grassland spawner others work fine < be replacing the ones for the beach with the ones u reccomended to spawn seperatly but works fine as they spawn seperatly atm using that code as well.. but my map is harsh so things always dieing.. was going to just add the event things to beach but didnt want a crowd of things at the beach
  3. yeah the config i posted works decent but thanks for the rearrange i couldnt figure out how to make em spawn seperatly now that fixes that issue but im trying to add another conatiner for like grasslands for the event dinos... i have em the same was as the other config but there not spawning and i know u said its one container per spawner.. but is there anyway to make 1 container have 2 spawners for different areas?
  4. yeah i figured that out the hard way but im trying to put a few dinos in at once since they dont spawn can u tell me if this is about the right code
  5. yeah i cant get the fish like salmon and priana to stop from spawning even when doing the server settings and have it at -1 and have it substracted in ini as well.. theres a small guide above that i didnt read till now trying it out on getting stuff to spawn
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011767194/screenshots/ has anyone got the spawnings to work right i added this to the beach spawning and if u take a look at my screenshot ud see i ended up with loads of quetzls.. same happend to any dino i add on beachs with spawn of 1
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