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  1. The game itself is a good concept and fun when it goes correctly, (no meshing, duping, no gm otter being pocket dev). The main problem is the developer teams unwillingness to adhere to timelines they create and continue to make false promises time and time again. most people in here commenting about the delay have already got the gen DLC, and were originally told winter of 2020, then march of 2021 and now 1 business day before march we get told May. After they release all this genesis chronicles, they have known for awhile it wont be done by March but continued to string people along. The game itself isnt a bad experience the developers are a bad experience. What DLC came out on time? or even close? You'd think after 6 years of DLC's they be more realistic about there capabilities and give a more accurate timeline, but nope lets keep hyping up and not delivering.
  2. Haven't been on time for a single DLC or update why change it for the last one! I'm sure this one will be just as broken as every other initial release dlc and have exceptional excuses to cover it up. Thanks for another let down ❤️ Just curious when can we start expecting excuses and delays for ark 2?
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