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  1. Anyone who is wondering what happened, a human level 135 is running around official pvp servers releiving people of their tribe and all of there structures. He force joins using admin commands and changes it so your tribe structures and dinos are now enemy structure and dinos. There is nothing you can do to stop this. Dont worry tho I'm sure the dev team is "looking into it" well probably not give it a year they'll have a patch.
  2. Dear wildcard dont mind us just waiting for you to do well anything at this point. I mean at least tell us you could care less or anything? How many tickets/ Twitter post/ reddit post until something happens. The whole "we are looking into it" does us 0 good. You were looking into meshing years ago look how well that went only took what 2 years to fix half of it? Since the initial post the whole server is now wiped against COC abusing a bug/glitch. Now turning the server off doesn't help, needs to be rolled back by 4 days
  3. Official PvP Are you (dev team) seriously not going to shut down 188 or roll it back or do anything besides sending us the same copy paste message you've sent 1000 times "thank you for making us aware" or "we're looking into it". I'm aware an actual fix to the underlying issue might take time but how hard is it to turn the server off? I mean it already crashes every 25 minutes. I hope you realize the impact this is having on the player base causing more and more to quit each day. I'm not even asking you to fix the wizard issue, just turn the server off.... half of our problems with the dev team is the literal 0 response we get as players. When this surfaced why wasnt the server shut down until a fix could happen. I await eagerly for your copy paste response, or just deleting thread because it makes way to much sense.
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