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  1. This very much could work. They could also make tek a more QoL tier for any early-game stuff. Then you don't have to focus on meat runs, or huge resource gathering anymore. And just focus on the end-game challenges.
  2. We haven't been on a ARK since Aberration. And yes, the point of a sequel is to innovate what made the last title so good. But generally, all games in a series play generally the same. All the 3D Fallout games play the same, just with new mechanics. Red Dead 2 is like the first game, but improved. DOOM games all generally play the same. So instead of removing tek, why not just innovate on it? And yeah, performance and stability is a key factor also. I 100% agree with that. But content is what makes a game. Cause even with all of ARK's issues with performance and whatnot, it sti
  3. Let me start with the the elephant in the room. And that is the factor that some people think ARK wasn't a "sci-fi" game. Which is the biggest/likeliest argument of 'why' tek is being removed from ARK-2. Firstly, ARK was 'always' considered/planned/was/is a sci-fi game 'with' dinosaurs. This is proven further with old concept-art with obelisks "always" being a factor in the game. Even before they had a gameplay mechanic to them. (which that alone, came out later on after the game was launched in 2015.) Yes, the biggest marketing factor with ARK was the dinosaurs, and the wide range of t
  4. And this is why i'd be perfect on a Viking based map.
  5. The Aurochs is a prehistoric cow. We don't have any bovines in the game, and we honestly should need more. We have 'way' too much theropods. While you're probably saying "why the raptor are you suggesting this when we have a bison?" my answer is "why the raptor not!" Even though 'yes' Wildcard doesn't include the features of the post. But they did state that they take 'inspiration' from the original posts (Dinopithicus being able to lung grenades) Now the idea of this, is being able to make 'cheeeeeeeeeeessee' You can milk your Aurochs (if they're female) and get some milk out of the
  6. Draugr are basically Nordic version of the undead. I know the point isn't for whether the creature has cool abilities or not. Since it's a "creature" vote. But i would love if you could raise up the dead and get your own Draugr's. Or even resurrect player corpses that haven't decomposes or got harvested yet.
  7. Simple. Would love to see chibi's of the note survivors. From Helena, to Rockwell. Rockwell could be sitting on your shoulder on a chair, infinitely reading a book.
  8. Personally, i find the new voice-actress hella depressing when talking. This is apparent when you listen to the new Genesis-1 intro. Even though the old voice-actress was hyperactive and whatnot, that's still better then monotone stereotypical robot. I'd love for the old voice-actress to be a 'option' not as the main voice.
  9. Not gonna lie. Genesis 2's missions are lackluster. For a gameplay standpoint, they're good. But for a story-rich experience like they promised in the Extra-Life stream is hella lacking. The old ones should obviously stay. But i feel like there should be a few 'actual' story-based missions. I'd love if they did what they originally said what they where going to do and make these missions the actual ship itself. Not in the simulation. (which was never mentioned to come back by the way in the extra-life stream.) It just feels lackluster for the finale of ARK: Survival Evolved.
  10. Not gonna lie. I kind of dislike the current voice actress for HLN-A. She's too emotionless, and doesn't seem committed to the acting. And no, it's not because she's a robot. If this was the case then the wouldn't had made Genesis 1's HLN-A hyper active. I do admit, the old one was 'too' hyper sometimes, and so it'd be best if they could redo those lines. But just imagine if we had the option to change between the new and old voice actress. It'd be a win-win for both sides. And possibly getting the old voice actress to do the Genesis 2 lines also.
  11. Sacrifice one of the slots for a ant TLC. There's this fanmade TLC art i found, and perfectly shows what they should be. -Workers should be able to harvest stuff. Possibly anything nearby that can be picked up. -Soldiers should listen to the player. Be 'REALLY' weak, but you're able to mass produce them. Their strength multiplies of whoever is the queen. Queen's Health: 100. Level 6. Soldier's Health: 30. Level 2. -Breeding: Possibly even able to breed these Queens, and get mutations on them. But you can only breed with 'wild' males. Wild males are always on breeding, so you just
  12. Only reason why some games have mods, like Bethesda games. Is cause they 'paid' for that system. A huge system like that, where it updates every single mod (which there's thousands of on Xbox for Skyrim) and keeping the servers up for said mods costs a LOT. Wildcard, sure. Has a lot of money. But if they blow all of it on this 'one' feature. What are they in turn, making out of it? They've just wasted millions for nothing at that point. And you say "That's not fair" when nothing is fair in life. PC will always get the better end of the stick. Since, A: It's easier to publish someth
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