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  1. if you are new at the game and don’t want to learn the mechanics then they have the server for you! The server is mostly PvE unless you get too big and start to make the alpha tribe paranoid! (It is ark what do you expect?) if you want to do the ascension with the best armor, best weapons and all the recipes the game offers then this is the cluster for you! Do you like getting false information and waiting 3 days for an admin to react, but still get blamed by them, then you know where to go! Aaaaaaaand! If you like to share your opinion but only expect the whole community to beat you down for having different opinions, then you can’t find any better cluster to join! Join today and get; just the experience you need to finally quit the game !
  2. Waking a sleeping Megalosaurus is the main reason why I learned the “scared emote”, because I scream “Feck” every time I do it haha!
  3. The Worst BPs in the game. So we made a Thick profit yesterday, from raiding a base and I started to look at the Bps we got, I noticed a 588 damage asc sword and I was like “dang, that seems nice, what is the cost ? “ 1700 hide 5800 Metal Ingots 170 Wood But... it has 80 dura hahahaha. So I started to think about what the worst Bps in the game is, what have you found ? (Sorry for missing pic, simply couldn’t upload)
  4. I also get what you are saying @Dragakko, I don’t know why a lot of people just wanna keep the drama going instead of actually being relevant. I have have had the same frustrations as you do, people on official are the worst scum ever. - that was why I gave unofficials a chance and never looked back. It takes a while for server owners to see your post (if you want something specific of course) but that has helped me a lot earlier. It is also a lot easier starting over on other servers if you start out on one with high settings
  5. Sorry about that. I see I’m not as big a fan as you are. And I appreciate that
  6. Oh that’s cool though. Im just a negative a-hole lol, so I don’t believe in genesis being any good before 3 months after release, so that doesn’t help me much That’s fine, you don’t have to apologize. I’m already settled on another server now, so I won’t be joining at this point. If it wasn’t because we just got a Indy forge and boss Dino’s, me and my friends would have joined. You seem cool though, so I wish you good luck with the server !
  7. What do you wanna see yourself @Kodking194 ? - I don’t think you watch all content from each of the 20 “big” ark youtubers, so you have got to ask yourself what you think haven’t been said or looked at also. I see a lot of people, on different media’s wanting to do the “ultimate ark challenge” so imo I don’t think that would be good to start with, I enjoyed Syntacs though, but I also lost interest when he started to jump too much between the maps. Imo there is no “ultimate ark” if you just end up taming everything at rag or val just because that is the easiest. - I myself, enjoy to watch faceless and Apex because of their personalities. Mostly faceless because I admire how he seems to be the last person on earth, to actually take the game as seriously, like a lot of us do lol. I really like how faceless manages to get a lot of random encounters in his videos where they actually talk with strangers and don’t act all paranoid like in every other youtubers videos. Good luck with the project, I’m looking forward to keep an eye oyt for a YouTuber called “kodking”
  8. I didn’t lmao, thanks for mentioning it. It took me a bit of time to find them, but at least I don’t have to worry about an angry tribemate, who wonders where his Ptera is hiding
  9. I had to most “Arked” experience ever today and I came out as the survivor! i found a 180 Rex on the server I play on (Max lvl) in the scorched area between the wyvern scar and Viking bay. (I joined the server yesterday so it took a little while to make the 200 tranqs lol) After getting all the titanboas, mantis and spiders away from the area, that I was trying to Aggro it towards, I headed for the Rex. OH poop a micro raptor got me off my pteranodon and the Rex killed me. Alright, spawn back in bed and grab my tribemates pteranodon. My pte wasn’t dead so I placed them both in a safe area and began shooting the Rex, it got stuck and I was able to shoot it until it began to run. It got into a dangerous area, so I had to begin luring all the pest away AGAIN, then suddenly the Rex started walking towards the 3 waterfalls area and I was able to get it down. Then i took the pteranodons towards highlands to look for some sheep, when I finally reached the “fertile lands”, I thought i was smart and jump from one of my ptes to the other, so I whistled follow and headed towards a sheep. When I jumped off both my pteranodons were following each other, so they just started spinning towards the sky and I was starting to get very frustrated...... i panicked and started parachuting back towards the Rex but I was killed by a mantis on my way.. oh raptor... so the Rex needs mutton, I need my gear and my pteranodons are somewhere near the top of the world... alright.. spawn, make ready to tame low lvl pte, make saddle and make sure loot don’t despawn... i found a lvl 60 pteranodon and made a saddle from the dead whales. While the pteranodon was taming I hurried back to my loot to make sure it didn’t despawn. I got it but got insta killed by the same mantis. Spawned back to find pte ready and with mutton from taming for the Rex. I rushed with my life to the Rex, it was nearly awake and got the mutton in it, when it was done taming I rushed to my loot and got the Rex to clear the area. Got my loot and Cryod the Rex and headed back to start breeding my male and female Rex pair wheeeeeew....
  10. I might be interested in joining your cluster. Why don’t you have the island ?
  11. This^^^ Servers where people let others be who they are and don’t complain about too many questions from newer players. The rules/settings is pretty important, but you need the right amount of good hearted players before any server can become good.
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