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  1. Can someone explain, why gentwo 937 pve server more than 9 hours are offline? How is this possible? I send tickets, but zero feedback? When will this be fix?
  2. How long it will be going on? When will WK make the gen2 server playable? Every hour the server crashes... Sooo bad......
  3. Yeah 937 Gen2 have same problem. Good work WC, stability
  4. Its amazing idea from wildcard to make rate x2 and servers unplayable. Noooice!
  5. The same problem, as soon as the weekend, so some problems with the servers.
  6. Interesting wildteam saw "Server Outage report". I play on island 896 and it's horrible. Lags, crash and disconnect. I have fear to fly on my dinos, because after disconnect my person all time die. After that a spend many time to find my person and dinos. I send report all the time, but they nothing to change. It's very sad..
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