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  1. Thank you guys for answers. I understand what you are talking about. For example, I tamed 150 rex with kibble, it will be out 224. I check the count of points in the stats by dodex, melee damage for example 50 points - is this enough for breeding or should I look for more? Maybe there is some guide that will explain how many points it is normal to start for breeding?
  2. Hello survivors! I tried to find information, but I couldn't. For example, I want to breeding rex for hiking on bosses, what stats are needed? What are the acceptable stats for tamed wild rex to start breeding, only tame 140+? For example, i tame 145lvl rex and see some melee damage and underestanding thats its cool for breeding.
  3. Hello survivors! I want ask you for help to unlock tekgrams. Just I play solo on official PVE. And it's almost impossible for me alone to unlock them. But I wanted to craft something from tekgrams. I can transfer to killing the boss to any server and at any time convenient for you. I'm more interested Alfa Crystal Wyvern Queen. I would be very grateful for your help!
  4. Interesting wildteam saw "Server Outage report". I play on island 896 and it's horrible. Lags, crash and disconnect. I have fear to fly on my dinos, because after disconnect my person all time die. After that a spend many time to find my person and dinos. I send report all the time, but they nothing to change. It's very sad..
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