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  1. But many players breeding giga 450lvl or now r-giga500 lvl, only for wyvern... Its strange.
  2. yeah, i hear about grinders, but i'm play solo
  3. When When i kill baby with TekRifle only i get exp, my yuti, that was near me, dont get any exp. I think i must be on him, but i dont know how its possible... PS i talk about PVE=)
  4. Guys, i have 500lvl babies x-spino. How can i level up my yuti with killing their? Claim babies or not claim babies, yuti cant kill their... How work Xp from babies?
  5. I want some R-seed, and i come to Rockwell cave. I saw a mutagen buff at right corner, and i checked all cave any times, but nothing to find... How its happend? not a first time...
  6. Hi guys! After Export dino, i dont see colored dino image, just colored circle. How can i add dino pics?
  7. Can someone explain, why gentwo 937 pve server more than 9 hours are offline? How is this possible? I send tickets, but zero feedback? When will this be fix?
  8. How long it will be going on? When will WK make the gen2 server playable? Every hour the server crashes... Sooo bad......
  9. Yeah 937 Gen2 have same problem. Good work WC, stability
  10. Guys, i open a stryder) lol What do think about best place/map for farm crystal with him?
  11. So I understand that a wild dino has 1 point = a fixed stat, for example 1 point = 10 damage. And when a dino is tamed, and I have leveled up, then for each point learned, it is given more stats, for example: per 1 point = 10 damage (bonus 0) for 2 point = 12 damage (bonus 2) for 3 point = 14 damage (bonus 4) The clone had all bonuses canceled, as if I had tamed a wild dino. Question: If I breed these clones, will the children have the lost bonuses of their parents?
  12. Yeah, first time. I know about imprint, but what's a bonus?
  13. After cloning my dinosaur, they have less stats, why did this happen? Is this a bug or not? I also clone the gig, they also have the least stats, but the lvl is the same as the original. Why is that? So sad.. PS (sorry for bad image)
  14. Hi all! After a long solo game, I have all tek engrams to build my dream house. I play ragnarok and have a small base on extinction. Please tell here what is your favorite way to farm metal, poly and crystals?
  15. I'm getting ready to do a solo rockwell beta. And still trying to find BP Shotgun 298% Anybody say plz, its possible? I farm OSD (red and purple) on extincition and lava golem with ice queen on ragnarok. All what i find its 237% I think its not enough...
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