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  1. icycold2367

    Wyvern Raising

    No problem just remember that’s not total milk that’s for a 7800 food wyvern more food adds to less feeding. Assume 2 milk per feeding at end per wyvern occasionally 3
  2. icycold2367

    Wyvern Raising

    I feed at imprints in baby state so 3x baby 4x for juvenile 2x per day for adult so about 11 times older wyv need more milk perfeeding
  3. icycold2367

    Wyvern Raising

    1200 food is 3 hours for a baby. First 2 days are hardest afterwards 12 hours between feedings at adolescent
  4. icycold2367

    Post How Long You've Played ARK

    3,360 day one Xbox ea player. 95% official pvp last 5 on pve
  5. icycold2367

    Hidden Dragon Cave egg spawn glitched

    If someone pulls the egg and drops it hidden nearby you'll have to find and pick it up to get the best to respawn. Sound like this is what's happening. A common tactic by low level players to lose wyverns aggro is to drop the egg by the nest. It makes no sense because the time spent dropping the egg you could have just got away but people still follow it.
  6. icycold2367

    Invisible ice worms attacking

    If you play prim plus their still invisible.
  7. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    Ok so at least I'm not crazy lol I thought i saw a video with it open
  8. I doubt it's acting unintended but rather a lot of there spawns are just normally blocked by bases
  9. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    I really wish they would random is a huge but fun nap already. Just wish they'd do a small patch for prim plus to give us those items. Does PC have the Tunisia islands?
  10. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    So is that southeast corner of the map supposed to be our desert?
  11. icycold2367

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    Is the DLC gonna require ascension to go to?
  12. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    Ya but those were a replacement to the original adobe before scorched they were swapped out after scorched came out. I just want desert armor and preserving salt
  13. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    That's what I'm thinking the problem is to. Might just be they arnt there because we don't have the desert yet
  14. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    Ya i have scorched earth the engrams are just missing completely. Forgot to add this is on xbox to. @Jat
  15. icycold2367

    Ragnarok Problem

    So ive been playing on ragnarok prim plus and noticed that all the scorched earth engrams are missing. Is this a bug or intended? Id really like the desert armor again.