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  1. After a few hours finally got a Deinonychus egg, hatched it, matured the baby. Found out that the leap attack doesn't work on non dedicated servers for whatever reason. RIP. I was viewing them as "better Raptors" but to me I guess they're just "worse Thylas". Populated the lake outside my house with 2 tamed Megalodons. Long term goal to fill that sucker with deep sea creatures. Last night was the first time I ever figured out raising baby dinos or electricity, which I was finally forced to do to power Air Conditioning for the eggs. Prefer Windmills, don't want to fill my Ark with smog.
  2. Started a new character on Valguero after being away for 3+ years. Made a little thatch cottage in an area by the water, seemingly easy going with a few herbivores wandering around. Using the Immersive Taming mod, tamed a level 135 Ankylosaurus that became 200 something. Named him Spike and set him to wander as I think they can gather that way, and I was no where near the saddle yet. A level 80 T Rex came out of NOWHERE and ate my best friend and bashed my cottage in right before I logged off. I died then led the Rex away, salvaging most of my progress except for Spike. He didn't seem that he attacked the Rex as much as he should have - I was thinking with the level difference he probably should have won. So next time going to start again... probably just try to tame a Pteranodon when the Rex isn't looking, and fly to a better place to build a wooden house.
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