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  1. Hello! The idea of this post is to gather ppl and discuss how the perfect server for them should look like. We will take the ideas of the majority and create a server which will fit your needs and interests for the game! You can write down below the comments or join our discord. Have in mind that this is a new post so it may take some time to grow. Please be patient. Discord:https://discord.gg/aDKPeAUDgV
  2. News! We will open a Ragnarok map so you can come and check how the server is! Because not all the maps will be available at opening all your TekEngrams will be automaticly unlocked on spawn! https://ark-servers.net/server/271141/ Your progress will be saved-Ragnarok won't be wiped. Just the two other maps will be added to the cluster. Server ip: About the server! Welcome to ARKade! This is a newly formed unofficial cluster which will open on [4/30/2021]. We will make sure to help everyone with their needs and try to keep ARK competitive, fair
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