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  1. Wow, you had time to grace my post with conspiracy theory comments meanwhile, your dev team is hard at work not fixing meshing or duping, but fixing issues that they created with their newest update. Every update there is issues with your game, and usually you end up extending the events because how many people were impacted, but you know what I am glad the devs are hard at work fixing the very broken issues they created. Also, very glad the community manager has enough time to comment on my post while there game has very large issues to address before the newest expansion comes out, oh wait the new expansion was delayed, without new updates, probably because there is a lot broken they are still trying to bandaid.
  2. There are new slot cap duping methods out there, there are bases meshed everyday. Also there are people selling duped loot all day everyday. People raise tickets that get resolved without a legitimate resolution. These are legitimate concerns. Implicating the devs working with mega tribes to turn a profit, may be false may be true, Its my right as a player in the community to raise my opinion, regardless how radical it may seem. It sure is suspect that new exploit methods are always built into the games logic, after old methods are "fixed". They dont exactly promote confidence in their ability to correct major issues, when issues that are "being looked into" are still around years later and this is a consistent pattern we have seen historically. Cedric would rather people with dissenting views shut up and be more like the people on private servers he was bragging about who never complain about the game. (Except they play on private servers to get away from the very issues people still bring up today.)
  3. Wildcard community managers encourage Exploiting against their CoC When the Community Manager encourages people to clean their bases and "hide their dupes" This is not them promoting confidence in their ability to fix the issues so many people have raised alarm to. This is Wildcard saying we know you dupe, and that's ok if you keep it on the down low. Imagine all the people who lost out big time because exploiters duped a bunch of stuff like meks, or element dust, or cluster bombs, or rockets, or c4, or tek structures... then unfairly fobbed up and attacked you with nothing but duped loot. Wildcard doesn't care about you. In fact they want those exploiters to stay hidden and not caught, because they dont want to enforce exploitation's like that. They will just resolve your helpdesk ticket without resolving the issue. Its simple really, When a base gets wiped, and all the dinos are killed or stolen, wildcard is betting on you sinking more time into their game to build back up. The exploiters have a symbiotic relationship with the dev team, the exploiters wipe bases with ease and they love it for the EZ loot, and the people who got wiped complain to all their friends " which is free advertisement for ARK" then build back up " which is another time investment" or they quit, which ARK already got your money so they dont care. Also, its pretty suspect that these mega tribes can make thousands of dollars monthly selling duped loot. The Dev team actually has room to exploit the system for side cash. Imagine how valuable an exploitation method is for a mega tribe, do you honestly believe the developers have ZERO ties to any mega tribe members willing to pay great money for a new exploitation method? You know the saying gotta spend money to make money, Exploiters would pay top dollar to a dev for an exploitation method that makes them money.. Or pay to have someone overlook their bad behavior.. Food for thought
  4. So excited for all the chibis im going to collect to get eaten by 545 melee gigas. ALl jokes aside - Super stoked on the long event.
  5. I want Meshing to be fixed already!!! Love the game aside from the extremely game breaking exploits that continue to be allowed in game.
  6. If you game share, you can create unlimited amounts of new xbox profiles, its easy to collect all the explorer notes to power level then run a quick boss fight. New alternate accounts are too easy to level up and mesh with.. They need to implement some kill barriers, and prevent meshing better than they currently are.
  7. Just throw them out and force feed them, force feed them stimulant to wake up faster if you want, but just cryo sick them and force feed them. The timer really only affects you if you wanted to immediately ride your dino. I cryo sick all my babies force feed them food, (as cryo sick dinos do not eat from trough) then you dont have to wait in between timers
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