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  1. Maybe Helena is not a biologist and whoever made this quiz wants us to read the dna like this: First lane is: (C)RCB RGRC BCGR BCGB RCBG BCGB CGCB RGCG BGRC RGCB GCBG RGCB CGCR RGCG RGCR RGCG (R) First lane is: (C)RCB BCBG BCGR RGCR RCBG ...........CGCB .......... BGRC .......... GCBG .......... CGCR .......... RGCR .......... (R)
  2. iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdQSOPAAoJEHJOqUWO1A+ is matching with the response of Helena to "6aa6816d-e710-4024-a28e-834315c92fdf" -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] OK. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Your cognitive profile seems limited to specimen guardianship, you're a glorified patient monitor. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Maybe that's good... better to teach you new tricks than convince your host system you should be allowed in places you're not. [LOG_TRANSMIT] We'll need to do some tests, so I'm working on a few changes to your programming. [LOG_TRANSMIT] I'll contact you when it's ready. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdQSOPAAoJEHJOqUWO1A+/sHEP+wfK/4tnKd0y57WuuJlOEcD2 u/xjjxgXu6/yi6RB/rZgUTJeS2dfA1zdy740lLGIMD8kW+tovbae/mz9OicDUPu1 4axUDl0rBzV8fpvOdBMQiMqVGdVPQiVr/RkslSPq15PR9ujXJBLj4C1ybLsCJWKl c8+JmHlNrB4SDWwrfJkLAlznMhgGrYq+/WFd5a1K41Wd6ETz9VjUdAu5mJjPcHrf kCfkm/KRAE2iOlR4qfL4s6NU2ADZmG8Qu/qWcNZX0eu7iObgBfeQ564hf3fQAmkT pcONB5Rz+AbH0Rg81hVtd0A1tDyf12vVCoXC/WWneh3mz/+5OIZn9Kx+aygJn3vD 7c7P5A0/ADWfe1uRV0Fe/YOIQV/1j019hcRAiSVuUmVBtwbxzSh1KZevUR/So4hK 0CHJF70zU/XFw7XjWn+ARWJ3IlsXbsfnGtYKUc9/80BUcpEYLgQnz81BPqi1aZc3 bb8F9C8HcHCKbkSFaMDJ370vHnin0b66SotihVpv24xqn/nIRnMV1LOthwUPfpSx VP+QnIRlUZMZVMkS0zp/EjZr61mMpl1yAI1qSYDJY3kFkeHYODYWmKXUtdwSgiXZ y7kibNUp1SJ8djerzg9Fov5DmGuCJzQj1VEWufzDd9iqKiDFph5LNyX+F7GHNnkG 3o+xvpwXQZDAsiJ1upFy =k1Ih -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
  3. this is for all those who dont know what pgp signatures are, like me. maybe it helps.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Good_Privacy Digital signatures[edit] PGP supports message authentication and integrity checking. The latter is used to detect whether a message has been altered since it was completed (the message integrity property) and the former to determine whether it was actually sent by the person or entity claimed to be the sender (a digital signature). Because the content is encrypted, any changes in the message will result in failure of the decryption with the appropriate key. The sender uses PGP to create a digital signature for the message with either the RSA or DSA algorithms. To do so, PGP computes a hash (also called a message digest) from the plaintext and then creates the digital signature from that hash using the sender's private key.
  5. i just found the "somethingbig" folder, too. This is just the folder name of the font for the countdown. There is nothing else to find for me.
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