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  1. If these settings are not set in Stone, it Will be a first. when they added gigas to classic People where complaining for 24 hours on treads and om discord. And no reply what so ever regarding the issue. It’s like they try to anger their playerbase on purpose at this point. It makes no sense. Clearly you didnt read any of the other replies here. Attackers will join a server, make a new tribe and get 25 People from their alliance in that tribe. Since they won’t have cooldown. In the meantime the defenders can’t fill their tribe because of the cooldown. So how do you think that will play out
  2. Hello. Is there any way to receive some feedback from an Wildcard employee? I have been playing ARK since 31 Oct, 2015. In all that time i only had the need to make a support ticket once. But if i go to check on the ticket it just redirects me to the frontpage. At first i didnt know what was going on, but then i saw the following text in the URL: "cannot+sign+in+suspended+user" I tried reaching out on Discord and sending an email to Wildcard, but with no luck. I would just really like to know what is going on Best regards Zenzey
  3. When are you going to do anything about all the admin abuse on the classic servers? Tickets are automatically closed. Mails to Wildcard and Snail Games get no answer what so ever. There is absolutely no option to get any support unless you are a Chinese player
  4. Classic is normally very nice and i have many hours on this particular gamemode. But you are not able to get any support what so ever. Yet some tribes have direct access to gamemasters making it very unbalanced. The recent explosive exploit wiped multiple tribes on classic. Noone except one Asian tribe were able to get any help after getting wiped with the exploit. The tribe had their server rolled back 1 day and all damage they sustained was gone. Even though they were abusing the same exploit on other tribes. The worst part is that even after opening tickets, sendin
  5. Could we have some news on classic season 3 with the next crunch please?
  6. That is the whole point of seasonal play. You wipe and start over for every season
  7. Hey Cedric. Any info regarding classic season 2 would be appreciated. It's not smart to announce a new season and then go quiet about it for weeks. That kill's the population and motivation to play very quickly. Thanks in advance.
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