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  1. Could we have some news on classic season 3 with the next crunch please?
  2. Official and legacy should both be wiped and start fresh with the release of Genesis. But it won't matter unless there is some form of active enforcement you can reach 24/7. It would take a lot of resources in the beginning. But once people learn "the hard way" that there is active enforcement, the cheating and meshing is going to descrease drastically.
  3. Maybe it's time for a Conquest season 2 once Genesis releases? A fresh set of servers replacing classic with the new map included. Dont get me wrong, i really enjoy classic. But i am certain the activity on classic would decrease once there is a new DLC to explore. I feel like 25 man with 2x is a good format, since you have the slots to have a crew on each timezone. This way you are not easily offline raided. 15 man with 3x could also be viable, but harder. The fewer player slots there is in a tribe, the more hardcore the gamemode gets. Most people with families
  4. That is the whole point of seasonal play. You wipe and start over for every season
  5. Hey Cedric. Any info regarding classic season 2 would be appreciated. It's not smart to announce a new season and then go quiet about it for weeks. That kill's the population and motivation to play very quickly. Thanks in advance.
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