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  1. This is a good question, but if last year is any indicator, donors will bring the multiplier up above 2x within the first hour or so. Last year, 8x was hit within about 6 hours of the event starting. So, it won't be too terribly long before the multiplier goes above the FE3 event rates, plus, taming rate is impacted by the charity event, whereas it is not affected by the Fear Evolved event rate boosts. So, that's another huge plus for the charity event! Good luck out there, and if you can, throw a fiver or a tenner to help the cause; FOR THE KIDS!!
  2. Has the deinonychus been fixed yet? They were all spawning as raptors since the last update, and no nests spawn...so no event chompers
  3. No. It means the event has its own rates. The event earlier this year was like this. 2x Breed/Maturation, but no Evo on weekends. So it could mean 1x, but it doesn't HAVE to mean 1x.
  4. Has anyone seen any boosted rate postings for FE3? Everyone is saying last time they did have them, but I haven't seen anything "official"
  5. One major question: Why only release 25 PvE servers, on a free map, when your PvE users outnumber your PvP users by close to 2 to 1, and then release 72 PvP servers? (2 of which are full, most are around 40 players)...compared to jam-packed PvE servers) Whoever screwed that up needs an arithmetic lesson and some separation papers. 4 hours in queue is unacceptable. And for Pete's sake, disable drowning on PvE when offline. You're harboring a toxic culture, and driving users away.
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