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  1. This seems to mainly happen to me on Gen part 2 but I am uncertain if I have this issue on othe maps as I have been pretty much playing only on this map since it’s release. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to wait for wildcard to potentially fix this issue?
  2. How do you report issues for single player? I have an issue that the game forcefully closes itself randomly between thirty minutes to an hour of playing. I have lost so much progress way to many times to just ignore it and I don’t know if this is an issue on my end or if other people are experiencing it as well. I am on xbox so I do not know if there is a specific way to fix this or not.
  3. How do you vote? I clicked the link but I don’t see any option to vote.
  4. I love all of this news, but there is one issue I wanted to ask about that I don’t see anyone else asking. Is there a way to make the underwater goggle effect work on every map and not just on the island? I keep missing out on underwater event coloring because I can’t see any of the creatures clearly and the effect doesn’t work on either the goggles or the tek helmet outside of the island map.
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