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  1. id say, this happens every update, like no doubt im expecting its probably going to take them 2 weeks to release it to us like the last dlc
  2. console has had a total of 4 updates in 3 days making a total of around 75-80gb, what are you doing that needs updates that big and everyday sometimes twice a day coz myself and other sure as hell dont see a difference apart from extinction going back to it normally laggy self. hurry up and sell the game to a company that actually knows how to listen to their community and that can actually release updates and patches that dont completely screw game, you obviously dont know what ur doing and sure as hell aint listening to us! i have over 10k hours on ark thats literally over a year of my life playing this game and i have to say this is the lowest the game has ever been, u need to listen to us and stop being sell outs or ur gonna start losing your players
  3. Dear Useless WildCard am i the only one who thinks wildcard should sell ark to a company that can actually look after their player base and wont stop letting everyone down with how useless wildcard actually are? like i swear if we could go back in time and choose who made the game from day 1 wildcard would be literally nobodys choice, they are poop and dont care about the player base, its all about the easy money for them.
  4. its just wildcard being poop at their job again, they havent released the update for windows 10 yet coz they useless as always
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