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  1. i wasn't happy with the gacha nerf either, but getting high tier loot is very much possible, my gachas skill is at about 160% and id say 35% of my loot crystals are ascendant, with the other 65% being mastercraft, along with getting max resources from every resource crystal
  2. i think you should be able to level speed on fliers, even just the tiniest bit on pve and singleplayer, or, if not, allow other things, like speed leeling on drake, since its not really a flier, or even better, allow speed mutations instead of hiding them
  3. you dont need anywhere close to 100, 20 is pushing it and it would be producing them faster than you can place them and crack them open, which brings me to another point, making it so that you can open them from your inventory like gacha crystals
  4. do you think they would despawn if being held in an argentavis mouth? if not then that is a viable method to keep some permanantly, while controling where they lay eggs
  5. can i see your design? mine is just 4 fence foundations with 3 of them forming a almost complete square and the fourth snapped in the middle to make a half foundation sized rectangle
  6. YES, this is exactly what i'd LOVE to see, I've collected 57 different chibis so far and plan to have all of them by the end of this event, i was insanely upset when i tried to put a chibi in a taxedermy stand and it didn't show up, i came here right away to see if anyone else was upset about it as well, i really hope the developers add this, because it is a good way to show off your hard work (or just good luck)
  7. i like that idea, having that kind of setting would be awesome, and would allow for better alternative to raiding the trench, i would imagine baby wyverns would still need milk from adults, so it wouldn't be overpowered as long as breeding times wre reasonably long, but it's always the dinos that look best with different colors that are not breedable
  8. craftable dino skins using dermis I was thinking of making craftable skins for dinos using a dermis of the same species, it would be crafted in a taxedermy stand, and would be applied to a seperate costume slot from the current one, after getting a dermis, you would craft it with some other reasonably difficult to achieve item, or even a lot of hide, it would serve the purpose of making it less troublesome getting cool event colors, especially on non-breedable dinos, like if you find a low level wyvern with amazing colors, and a high level with normal colors, you could craft the skin and apply it to the high level, allowing a nice alternative to having to paint the entire dino to get colors you like
  9. your right they need money, but the game is 70$ on console, and i'm sure they have other games, their just trying to mooch as much money as possible, and that sucks, microtransactions can still be used, maybe make super exclusive items and dino's that are boosted versions of the regular versions,(I.E., buy something that would otherwise take a long time to get, specific mutations, gender, stats, level on dinosaurs, rarer it is, higher price, or buy rare items, like skins instead of searching for so long for whatever notes you need for that bone quetz, u.s.a is banning microtransactions soon, and if wildcard has them in the game then either the game will be banned, or wildcard will have to remove the dlc's, or give them out, either way making one group of people or another angry)
  10. there are commands for it but they give you every engram possible, , if you use thecommand right when you start at lvl 1, you have every engram up to max lvl, and all tekgrams, i just want it so at each individual level you gain all engrams for that level,
  11. flying dinos maybe a setting that allows specific leveling for the speed stat on flyers, allowing people to choose whether or not they want flying dino speed stats to be leveled, giving people who play on singleplayer worlds the option to change it, or server admin/owners to choose if they'll allow it for their server
  12. engram options an option in settings to allow players to have all possible engrams for their level, (I.E., playerlvl37, they have every engram up to level 37, but not anything higher than their level) stat levels would be the same, but this would enable people who play single player, or play without a tribe to have access to all the engrams, maybe make it available for primitave+ as well
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