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  1. Yo I thought the Maewing was fanart, Thank You wildcard & keep it up!!!
  2. Well I think I figured out a solution until the devs fix it. It does include cheats but all you have to is spawn in some fire wyverns at the bottom of the trench and then use the cheat "players only" so they won't follow you out. Then when you're far enough away press players only again and wait for a while for them to breed. I tested it out after I was building my house the other day.
  3. Even though I was mad about valguero I'm not going to get upset, I understand why it's so hard to release on console plus it will be a new map for me because I beat aberration and extinction and want to explore something new, so keep it up WC?
  4. I face the exact same thing but on PS4, I spent hours exploring the radiation zone looking for Rock Drake eggs on aberration only to get back on the next day to see only my current location was discovered, everything else was unexplored. They need to fix this and put it on the glitches and bugs list instead of releasing things that don't matter to the game. If they do it would be a major stress reliever ?/ I'm tired of running into reaper queens
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