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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss this world takes away the good people too early it's not even a joke, prayers & condolences
  2. I could honestly see this creature added to ark, but I can also see them adding this to a saber in the form of a TLC but this is more probable
  3. I have nothing against this but it doesn't really fit in fjoudur, & it's one selling point might not even be put into the game cuz it is up to WC. I don't think they would want a giga counter so it would most likely become a vanilla creature. Great art though
  4. Definitely has my vote, it blends in with fjoudur so I can picture some giant bison wandering around the realms!
  5. This is horrible... A stupid little pterosaur (no offense) won because a bunch of YouTuber fanboys made it their personal mission to vote for a rigged creature. The amount of D-riding from that fanbase is real smh. WildCard is also at fault because it was their decision & even though I didn't vote the Carcharodontosaurus it would be a better creature than another useless one. Dinopithecus didn't meet expectations but gun weilding would be hard to implement. Failed us again & unrelated, Gen part 2 crashes after exiting the game & doesn't save.
  6. I'm gonna submit an armored herbivore, good luck to everyone & thx for the update WC
  7. I feel sorry for those who expected a monkey wielding two guns, oh well at least something won.
  8. So is no one gonna talk about how there is a in game screenshot of the majestic male shadowmane?
  9. Yo I thought the Maewing was fanart, Thank You wildcard & keep it up!!!
  10. Even though I was mad about valguero I'm not going to get upset, I understand why it's so hard to release on console plus it will be a new map for me because I beat aberration and extinction and want to explore something new, so keep it up WC?
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