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  1. I've been saying to my friends for awhile too. They literally could call it a tek ultrasound device. Either its a platform built like the size of a cloner or tp base and you put up x amount of preggo tames on certain spots and it'll scan them, or a more compact handheld tek ultrasound device that's powered by element and unlocked with a specific boss fight.
  2. I agree dedibox decay timers should be heavily reduced, that and possibly make them autodecay after several days once their timers run out and no one demos them. In pve pillars definitely can be annoying but i know from experience people will really build in inconvenient places like within render of your base or kill of dino/resource spawns and even in mission paths on Gen2 . Pillars are definitely a dbl edged sword in pve.
  3. For those you complaining that there's no breeding/mating multiplier. Check again just imprinted a wyvern of Official PvE for 33% as opposed to the 20% for the standard 2x rates.
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