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  1. As usual some like some doesnt. Fine by me. IMHO this is the worst piece of crap I've ever played. And that means both intended gameplay and the amount of bugs. Especially the bugs, WC has sure done an all time high on those. My mum would make a better job actually, bless her soul. In fact anyone would. WC has no pride whatsoever in what they do, they just want our $$$. This abomination should not have been released in this state, It's not even worthy of a first stage Early Access... It's just a huge stinking pile of crap. The good thing is that I can now finally put this behind me forever and let WC chase their paycheck from someone else.
  2. So, people are only allowed to dislike this dlc if they actually thinks the whole setup sucks? Only if there are bugs and such? You're obviously not fine with people disliking this dlc.
  3. I agree with almost all you say. 1000% with the first line of my quote. But then again that is what WC does and always has been doing. Excellent ideas with totally inadequate coding. They dont seem to have any pride in their work whatsoever... It seems like the paycheck decides if they are good or not. Second line I sort of agree with but I'm sure they do find comfort in the money pouring in... A good and bug free game is secondary to them,
  4. Most of the bugs are so serious and obvious that they should have been found and sorted out before taking peoples money. But I'm not surprised at all when it comes to WC.... Programming and customer service is not their strong side.
  5. Came back to try the game again after a years absence, Thought WC migh have learned how to program... I was wrong. Still as bad and still so bugridden it's unplayable. I'll be short and address one. Everytime I teleport, all my tools and weapons in toolbelt loses all durablity and is unusable. Teleport back and put the in the smity/fab... all is OK again withou repair. Piece of junk this is.
  6. effed up all my favourites,,, (1 that is trying to like the game again) Cant log in . I'm done for good this time. Bye
  7. Cause mods are slacking? Just like the game...
  8. https://www.mtsark.co.uk/ All you need to know.
  9. I have played a lot in the past but nothing fort quite some time. Had a quick look at Extinction , 10 hours or so, Heard a new map was up and decided to try it... Not at all surprised that WC stick to their "plan". This map is not nearly finished or balanced, So many holes in the mesh, overapawning of some creatures, lack og other creatures,. So many issues I wont even bother to mention. Night have a look in another tear but doubt this game will ever work as intebded. In general, same as always. Not finished at all. like everything else WC has done. Guess the modder wasnt to expensive to buy out.
  10. So, instead of getting the original game fixed we get another DLC and even more bugs to fix..... I'm sorry WC but thats not what I was hoping. I'm out for now and might be back when/if you ever get your act together, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here but now its over. At least for now. Thank you for the ride!
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