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  1. Do you know how many people get killed daily all around the world? How many genocoides are happening right now on a scale that you can't even imagine. Do you know how many children are dieng of hunger this moment? How many people get oppressed, murdered or brainwashed in their own country? Do you know how much injustice is happening outside of the USA? The world is not a nice place and people are suffering and dieng on a scale that makes what happens in the USA dwarf in comparison. Solitary is what is needed but you go about it the wrong way. Right now in this time what people need is to
  2. First let me say: Genesis is not ARK. Is this bad? Yes and no. It just depends where you sit at. For everyone who played ARK until now, Genesis is not what people want and love about ARK. And, like I said, this can be bad or good depending how you look at it. WC took a big gamble here and tried to shaken up the known formula. They always try this with every expansion pack. Instead of just giving you more of the usual they add new ingredients to it, mix it up, shaken it up and create something new with it. But, this does not mean that the outcome is tasty. As in the case of Genesis. I honestl
  3. Do we know when exactly this unlocks? I want to take a day off to play it. Usually you see a kinda countdown on the store page but I see nothing atm.
  4. Wildcard is known to release the game when it is ready absolutely unannounced. It has happened in the last 4 years or so since I palyed it with the little patches, updates and dlcs. When WC names a date for anything you can add a week to a month or two to it. BUT they make up more than anything with the quality and love they put into ARK. Just look at how many people are angry that they cant play it lol, shows how loved the game is. Just sit back tight and dont expect any Genesis release this month.
  5. YES, I woke up to this news, I am very happy right now. You guys did not abandon ARK for ATLAS, I love you WC, fuel my ARK addiction 2000 hours aint nearly enough.
  6. 1891 Hours. Not much compared to the normal player on here. Half of the time was spent on just waiting and sitting around. For things like loot crates, breeding or one of the other things you need to wait and sit around in ark for.
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