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  1. This exactly this great game ruined by moron devs who think we love starting over.................. Thing is most people who play classic want that PVE feel without all the trolling and server capped PVE servers. The LAST thing we want is seasonal wipes on THESE SERVERS. WTH are you thinking!!!!
  2. Buried in the sand?!?!?! noooo most people have lives and jobs and dont check forums every damn day this is the STUPIDEST THING they have ever done............................ I started on these servers with the intent of them being here for awhile hell we even got val servers with the thought of transfering in October FIX THIS These devs known for lying and just wiping peoples work with no notice.
  3. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! ONE DAYS NOTICE AND WIPE ALL OUR SERVERS? IS THIS SERIOUS?????????????? None of us has any clue you planned on wiping these servers. You literally ruined RUINED months of work. Can't play on PvE cause servers are capped. Cant play actual official cause trolls all over and broken game mechanics. THE ONE GOOD PLATFORM WE ALL ADD YOU TAKE AWAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE DONT DO THIS
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