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  1. As everyone else has said, taking some time to engage more with the community and show off more sneak peaks and even just let us know things are on track more, would certainly make everyone happy and hyped with a lot of favor from the community.
  2. Let's put aside the countless delays that occurred throughout ASE. ASA released in October and with this new delay, if the April release date for SE is true that will end up putting us over 5 months since the release of TI. Initially we were told Dec 2023 for SE but we knew that was lowballing it. It gets delayed. We're told TC is going to be released sooner. They then tease us with premium mods, custom cosmetics and server transfers, all of which get pushed back several times, week after week. Now we're told TC is delayed and the wording places it back to possibly May as Dollie confirmed SE is the main focus again. I get there are development issues but why not be more transparent and write informative dev posts? This kinda feels like a weird abusive relationship at this point. Getting reeled in with false promises and estimates when they certainly know the content won't be done, over and over and over again for years. Dreadful treatment. Different teams working on different maps and things like the premium mods and cosmetics taking from the overall focus that should be bug fixes and maps to keep the game strong. I also don't understand only releasing trailers on the day of the release. There's a very awkward dev-community relationship here that is cloudied by a weird apprehension and resentment that goes both ways. I look forward to escaping this weird loop and seeing the game reach a stable point with new maps so we can return to what we were promised and what we enjoyed most in ASE. If there is someone in upper mgmt at WC who is responsible for all the off the rails estimates and lack of transparency, can they just chill out? Another 1-2 months of TI amidst this awkwardness stings and we know bankruptcy can't be far off so I think it's time to start communicating more, getting better organized and following through on the huge list of promises.
  3. Cool event but the game is dying so quickly. Praying that for once we can get a surprise reveal that's soon, instead of more last minute delays that sever trust and vibes further.
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