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  1. Maybe u duped ur char by accident. Try this. Example: U r on server A and want to transfer to server B. U press join and nothing happens right? Now just exit to main menu and join from main menu server B (The server u tried to transfer to). Highly likely it asks u to create a new char, press download when u r in char creation screen and check if ur char is in there. If it is just download it and its fixed+uve 2 indentical characters lol. If it didnt work idk then. Regards argy ive no idea
  2. Highly likely there will be, but prob the usual 4/5 servers
  3. And many players will leave too! U r prob a beach bob struggling to build up. U have no idea how much work is in some tribes. Breeding and harvesting for years. The reason pvp wants a wipe is because they can be wiped any moment anyway by a mesher. But pve players dont want to lose all that work thats why they went to pve. And the majority of people is on pve i think...
  4. Noone was breeding them for over 1.5 years lol they recently started mutating again
  5. We dont have that on ps4. Like i said ps4 legacy is clean afaik. Highest rexes there are like 15k 655% @brownievec Except 1 tribe lol. I know what glitch u mean tho
  6. That xbox or pc? Yes i noticed xbox buttons on ur hotbar, but u can connect ur xbox controller to a pc if im right. So thats why i ask. Ps4 is not even 3 years old. Seems like those rexes are still those admin spawned rexes from along time ago? On ps4 legacy we dont have that stuff anymore.
  7. Not after levels, on hatch smart ass. No way legacy has that high...
  8. Turn on 'default survivor items' HLNA is a skin. Turn them on and die. See if u get it then. Otherwise its bugged
  9. Its fine for me already again. A friend had issues downloading his character and another friend transferred with alot of gear on him spawned in.and was naked suddenly. After a good 5 .ins his gear popped up. Looks like there were some problems for a little bit
  10. Connection timed out Hi. I was playing on our rag server when i suddenly started rubberbanding and had a delay in everything i did. I decided to log off and tried logging back on. Now it keeps saying 'joining failed connection timed out' tried it on different accs and multiple servers. Im on ps4 any tips?
  11. But u say that to someone whos being nice to us legacy players...
  12. Thats silly to say...Hes being nice and u like it for official to be gone. Why not all stop acting like babys about wipe this or that...
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