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  1. Turn on 'default survivor items' HLNA is a skin. Turn them on and die. See if u get it then. Otherwise its bugged
  2. Its fine for me already again. A friend had issues downloading his character and another friend transferred with alot of gear on him spawned in.and was naked suddenly. After a good 5 .ins his gear popped up. Looks like there were some problems for a little bit
  3. Connection timed out Hi. I was playing on our rag server when i suddenly started rubberbanding and had a delay in everything i did. I decided to log off and tried logging back on. Now it keeps saying 'joining failed connection timed out' tried it on different accs and multiple servers. Im on ps4 any tips?
  4. But u say that to someone whos being nice to us legacy players...
  5. Thats silly to say...Hes being nice and u like it for official to be gone. Why not all stop acting like babys about wipe this or that...
  6. I did...But 95% of them arent riders on titans. But just players who are invited to HELP with king titan on manas lol. I want to find a vid of someone having vieuw of king titan fight on ice or forest and check out what happens if meteor hits him
  7. Im talking about meteors. Not king titans melee attacks himself lol. If that was the case that meteors did 35k then nothing would survive that fight
  8. Ty. I know they are able to kill u just want to know if insta. Ive tek armor on extinction i can take 3 hits from the ice titan before im death so its pretty good armor. I just wonder if meteors ignore armor or if armor saves u. I was thinking about a spawn build on titan, but doesnt it get destroyed by king or meteors quick?
  9. King titan Right so our tribe is getting ready for king titan (i know took a while lol) we were busy. My question for those players who know were they talking about. What about king titan meteors? I see stuff that they insta kill u off forest titan no matter what armor u wearing. But also stuff that people survive them. As forest titan pilot since avoiding them aint a optio. Do they instakill you if u have 500 hp and high armor? Like 400-500 armor flak, riot or tek? And if they kill u instant how do u quickly get back to titan again? Beds, sleeping bags on platform? Spawn build nearby arena? Every tip u guys have is welcome. We know they roles of all 3 titans what they have to do. Just worried for meteors. Ty
  10. Im talking about officials. Idk about unofficials i nvr play them
  11. Another hater appeared. Ex legacy i guess? What do u have to do with legacy? We dont need customer support since barely anything happens. Our community plays in peace and help each other out instead of checking our mail 50x a day to check if we have a customer support answer lol. Alot of official players are toxic af and dont care as long as they benefit from it...Do not expect legacy players to move officials with that kinda players. And i dont think sp aint a option either after years of work. U are a good example of what kinda players there are on official imo. U want legacy gone so they add more servers so u can benefit from it while officials have loads of dead servers too...Selfish again!
  12. U cant transfer items, dibis in. U can transfer characters in but only naked probably
  13. YOU chose to leave for a fresh start! U DIDNT NEED TO! It was promised that legacys WOULD GET ANY FUTURE DLC! And they keep their word so far! Legacy gets valguero. Legacy is a very tight nice community...Alot of officials servers are full of toxic players. Legacy players are veterans and they help each other out all time! U can send me the post where it was stated that legacy 'wobt get maps' according to you?????? I can tell u the post were it was stated that legacy eill get any future dlc! You are pissed that u gave up everything when u didnt need too...And because of that u want legacy gone so YOU dont feel so bad! They also said that low population servers wont be removed if they r the only 1 of their kind! Legacy players payed for the game too! They are not different from 'new' officials! Except that legacy players didnt want to start over! And just simply disabling evo events or no new maps wont get them over either. When legacy is gone its gone. 95% will quit. They dont want to start all over again from scratch. If legacy wouldnt get valguero people still wont leave to play offi. Legacys are our officials and we love them. Yes we r happy and its deserved that we get valguero too. But it we wouldnt get it we stick to the maps we already have...We are 1 big community all together so lets act like 1 community and dont be childish about legacys...Let everyone play their own game...
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