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  1. You're right, when you said "There is already a marked up map with the highlighted areas but not included the hidden lake area any more.", i assumed there was a map that did not include the hidden lake area. "My bad" ...
  2. You said there's a map that doesn't include the hidden lake. First post still includes hidden lake as far as i can tell?
  3. Is there any way we could get an increased material return for demo'ing, untill the biome update? As things stand we're going to have to move and lose 50% of all materials that were used to build our base in oasis, or risk losing 100%. It feels unfair. Would it be possible to increase the resource return on demo'ing buildings to 100% untill the biome changes hit? That way we could move without losing literally tens of thousands of ingots & cp... I hope you give it some consideration from our point of view, how many hours of farming resources to build our base will be lost just because we happened to build in oasis...
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