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  1. I have yet to unlock the engram but was able to craft cryopod in supply drops. So I dont think the engram is needed
  2. haha got my daily laugh in with this today
  3. I would say mammoth I bet it tastes like beef lol
  4. Welcome! I'm also trying to get on the trading forums
  5. Glad you guys are enjoying the game!
  6. I have been playing ark for almost a year now and have been to lazy to get into the trading forms. Thought I should finally do it lol
  7. Great advice guys! thank you so much! I will have to try this
  8. Tapejara Taming Help Hello! I'm having a difficult time finding tapejara's on the island! Does anyone have any tips to find them/tame them? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  9. WOW these are so cool! I wish I could draw lol
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