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  1. Winter Wonderland 2019 Issues since first released I've already witnessed several issues as soon as I joined Sever 873 Island Official server PVE on Xbox One. When I look at myself in third person I am invisible, I was flying an argy and when I got hit by a spino the screen goes black for a few seconds and i threw out an argentavis from a cryopod and now i can't put it back in the cryopod. Edit: Plus I'm constantly spawning into the floor of my base and then timing out as a result of it.
  2. I can't speak for all, but those of us who do play on Xbox or PS4 do appreciate what Wildcard has done for us. We would prefer to at least get custom maps once in a while, get parts of mods implemented into the game like Primitive+, events, private servers, and feedback on the status of what is going on; than to not get anything, but the game and DLC like other games. PC will most likely always get better versions or modifications of a game, its only natural because that's how the game was originally programed on. It is true though that now days game developers are releasing their products or
  3. Happy Birthday Ark, I've been playing ark since ark was still in preview on Xbox One.
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