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  1. Ive been playing since legacy dropped. I have stuck by why you guys continue to kill the game. All you care about its pushing new content. I think you might have finally broke me lol. I honestly dont give a crap about any new content. There is just no excuse for extinction or any other part of the game that is still broke and been broke for years to not be fixed by now. If you obviously cant drop new content without breaking something else then just stop already. All the new content you've dropped, genesis, chibis, holiday events just dont out way what has been broke in the process. You dont e
  2. Pve kiting I think its about time wc steps in and does something about the kiting on pve extinction. So many people have lost bases and hundreds of dinos to people kiting corrupted dinos to bases. At the very least make it to where they cant damage metal or something.
  3. Dedicated storage decay time Why is it so high? No reason for there to be dedicated stirage boxs just floating there for 60 days after a base decays. Blocking builds. Why not lower it to match tek Foundation or something.
  4. At this point i dont even give a crap about genesis. How about fix the dang constant dc on your maps. Fix your f'ing issues already.
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