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  1. WILD CARD! Can you please send me an e-mail it's about a hole inventory tamed creatures
  2. And by games go you mean the lavamander and the op ocean character
  3. The salamander and the big tortoise and the six armed mutated werewolf What is the big salamander and all the new ark genesis dinosaurs
  4. Lucifer15

    Ark genesis

    Ark genesis I think that the devs of ark makes the little robot in ark genesis like Google home like it's an idea
  5. can you show off the more ark genesis like the new dinos #arkgenesis
  6. But is the snow owl going to be in the brand new ark and if it is not then can you look at the dododex. And can please put the answer in the next community crunch
  7. In the dododex it looks like the snow owl is in the new ark if a developer is reading this then can you tell me I just love the snow owl and if it is not in the map can you please put it in if you do then i will be so happy
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