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  1. Thing about DLC's is that if the content is too good, they might just create an off branch studio and make another game off it.
  2. Which atlas features would you want in ARK? Which atlas features would you like to see imported in to Ark (not to say they ever will be, I mean atlas was basically the update for ark boats, then someone in marketing said, hey let's just generate a bunch of random islands, re-skin like 10% of the game, and call it a new game... so they would probably make ark 3.0 to join all the features) if any at all? Personally : -Not having to hold W to move my boat -Combat Skills/buffs -Player owned stores
  3. My Tribe leader and I were working on some base upgrades, and she's just chatting away... she poops and acts like nothing happened, so I went and picked it up then ate a stack of rotten meat to suicide. She didn't even check my corpse, didn't say anything... actually I don't think we talked much, but I swear she was pooping more around me intentionally.
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