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  1. ext 442 off too. please, wildcard
  2. thanks a lot. I got around the same amount. 300-600 doing untill 15th wave
  3. Element from purple drops whats the common amount of element that we can get from purple drops on official servers and does this amount increases on 2x event?
  4. a good tamed basilo is one of the best (if not the best) dinos to explore the oceans without worring about jelly fishes. The way I found out to easily tame it is using a good barionix. Just kill the mantas around knocking them with the barionix ability and then just tame it passively, and check your surroundings all time. good luck and good game!
  5. on official, a level 145 anky killed by an alpha rex summoned from the hell on extinction green ob
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