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  1. I really hope there is also an Gen-R Mantis as well, I think that would be pretty cool.
  2. It technically is tameable, so can have one of these if you like, in the game of course. Hope you understand, I just didn't want us to get in some sort of fight, ok, please, with sugar on top.
  3. That new Dinosaur looks awesome, I would love to tame one, I'm so excited.
  4. After this event is over and the next event can a 2 out of the six Chibis be a Mantis and a Ravager, please? Because I would love to see a Chibi Mantis and a Chibi Ravager.
  5. Can Genesis also have Megatheriums, Mantis's, Pachys, Ravagers, or any other creatures you guys want to have in Genesis please, maybe the Mantis can tamed with whatever meat you want, I don't care what kind (Raw, Cooked, Raw Prime, Cooked Prime, Raw Mutton, Cooked Mutton or Rotten), but in my opinion the Deathworm Horns can still be one of its taming food, I'm saying this is because I would love to tame a Mantis in Valguero (possibly Genesis as well), because for some reason, I want to tame a Mantis with any kind of meat you want, so ya, if you guys don't want that to happen, that's all right with me, after all it is completely up to you.
  6. I am so excited for Valguero when it comes to console, please do your best to get it done, Thanks
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