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  1. I Can Not Unseen the Male Character Wearing the Bunny Costume as Big Chungus.
  2. Look, I just want to Admit it. I'm a Jerk because of My Poor Spelling and Favoritism for the Giant Bison. I'm just letting this Pointless Argument to just Rot in the Sun.
  3. The Game Has SEVEN, I Say, SEVEN Large Theropods! Does ARK Really Need Another Large Theropod in Vanilla? Not in My Opinion.
  4. To Clarify, I Didn't Know I Had to Actually Move my Creature Selection is a Particular Order as I Wanted since I was Familiar to the Lost Island Voting System.
  5. Those Arguments You Said about the Bison Should Also Apply to Carcharodontosaurus. What's it Going to Do that the Seven Large Theropods in the Game Don't Do Already? Bleed? Allos, Carnos and Wild Gigas! Meat Harvesting? A lot of Utility or Face Eaters like Therizinosaurus or Rex! Roars? Yutyrannus!
  6. Well Ask Carcharodontosaurus. It Didn't Win Any Vote Twice but It's Added Regardless.
  7. It's Because I'm Not Familiar with the Voting System for Fjordur. It was Different from the Lost Island One.
  8. I Hate Both the Bat and Carchar for Two Reasons: the Bat cause the Vote was Rigged and the Fact that Carcharadontosaurus is Added For Free for No Reason and No Justice is Given for the Poor Giant Bison or the Other Creative Votes for Fjordur. I Wish/Hope that Wildcard would Look at the Creatures that Weren't in the Top 10 of the Two Voting Submissions and Look at the Unique Traits They Would've Brought into the Game for Roleplaying or Adventuring like the Myotragus or the Giant Amoeba. PVE Players Need More Utility Tames that are Not Gimmicks in PVP.
  9. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dossier Info | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common Name: Aurochs Species: Bos thirionus Time Period: Holocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Extremely Defensive Wild: A beast of burden among the giant reptiles and polar mammals, Bos thirionus or the Aurochs is regarded by the natives of Fjordur as the Beast Sent by the Gods. Relating to Modern Cattle and Zebu, this majestic beast has adapted to the various biomes across the realms of Vanaheim, Asgard & Jotunheim as well as the Cold Islands of Vardiland, Vannaland, Bolbjord & Balheimr and many Survivors have given this Cattle Great Respect due to their Strength and Utility. Herds of these Cattle will Rarely get Spooked by any Carnivore and a Foolish Miscalculation by said predator will result in its Demise by the Horns of an Alpha Bull. Domesticated: The Aurochs Strength and Horns are more than just Attracting Mates as these horns can cause serious damage to any predators that dare attack these cattle. Additionally the beasts weight can Rival other Utility Creatures which is no Surprised considering the primitive humans once domesticated these mammals for carrying loads of heavy resources for building and weapons for war. Female Cows are also Milked in order to Cook a Special Bread that can give the Consumer an Insulation of Heat in Colder Realms like Jotunheim. All of this combined will make the Aurochs more than a wall of meat and fur and Instead a Utility Beast of Burden. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creature Info | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Category: Medium Herbivore Habitat: Asgard (Common), Vanaheim (Rare), Jotunheim (Common), Vardiland (Common), Vannaland (Common), Bolbjord (Rare), Balheimr (Rare) Taming Level: 10 Taming Method: At Level 10, Survivors can Craft a Special Rope that Allows the Ability to Ride and Tame the Aurochs. This is Similar to the Taming Method of the Equus. Taming Food: Superior Kibble, Nordic Grass (New Consumable Found in Bushes), Savaroot, Crops, Sweet Vegie Cake, Mejoberry, Berries Saddle: Aurochs Saddle Fecal Size: Small Damages: Thatch, Adobe, Greenhouse, Wood Attack #1: Horn Strike (This Basic Attack has the Aurochs Swipe its Head Upwards. This Gathers Thatch (75%), Wood (30%), Fungal Wood (30%), Nordic Grass (75%), Berries (30%) and Seeds (30%).) Attack #2: Impale (When the Aurochs Impales the Target the Horns Lock the Creature in Place for 15 Seconds. Upon Release the Target is Inflicted with a Special Debuff called "Cattle Bleed". Unlike Normal and Deinonychus Bleed Debuffs, this Bleed Debuff only Happens when the Target is Moving. Each Movement causes a Tick of 5 Damage per Bleed.) Attack #3: Roar (This Roar can Startled any Small-Medium Carnivores. This Means the Damage Output is Decreased by 25% for 20 Seconds.) Ability #1: Cows can be Milked with a Special Bucket within 24 Hours. The Fresh Milk, when Drank, gives a Resistance to Megarabies & Swamp Fever and gives an Increased Insulation Buff for 35 Seconds. Ability #2: An Aurochs that is Higher Level to Others of the Herd Gains the Alpha Boost. This Alpha Boost is Identical to Allosaurus. The Maximum Herd Boost is 12 Aurochs. Ability #3: With the Saddle Equipped the Aurochs can Gain an Increased of its Weight Capacity by 65% on Resources, Consumables, Weapons and Structures. Even Without its Saddle the Weight Capacity can Reduce the Weight of Resources, Consumables and Weapons by 35%. Ability #4: The Aurochs has a Rage Meter akin to the Woolly Rhinoceros. This Meter, when Fully Charged, can Inflict a Fully Charged Damage Input on the Target. Apex Drops: Aurochs Horn (2) Regular Drops: Hide, Pelt, Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat Other Drops: N/A Roar: Deep Rumbling akin to Cattle and Bison Appearance: Body Size and Appearance is Similar to a 16th Century Depiction of the Aurochs with the Shaggy Hair of the Highland Cattle. It's Skin Color is Similar to the Heck Cattle, the first attempt of Breeding Aurochs look-alikes of the 1920s.
  10. Any News on the Third Creature for Lost Island? We All Need to Know What's the Third Creature for the New Free DLC Map!
  11. Am I The Only One That's Worried About The Tail Wiggle Emote?
  12. This Event is Awesome, but I feel like several missed ideas like a Zombie Brontosaurus and Parasaur Skins when killing a Wild Zombie Brontosaurus and Parasaur (based on/Parody of the Primal Plague of Madness Episode), a Sword Skin to look more Ghastly and Mysterious, a Zomdodo Chibi and a Ghost Skin for the Genesis Creatures. Other that that, these new Ghost Creature Skins will look interesting when released.
  13. Sorry to ask this Question, but what are the current updates regarding the announcement of TLC #3? I ask because of the pandemic crisis and other things that have been happening in 2020 so far.
  14. I know this is an unpopular question, but any upcoming updates to Ark on Nintendo Switch?
  15. I guess the Ark Additions will come slowly to mainstream Ark
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