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  1. Aah sorry, didnt understand it, got carried away
  2. put on some black painted armor. have a lightningwyvern just out of screen. Use an emote that pushes the hand of your char forward. Meanwhile your mate uses lightningn the wyvern. Palpatine himself will be jealous
  3. Go to the wyvern scar with a mate. Stand on the edge, scream u have the highground. easy profit Get painted swords as u go
  4. This goes way back to the release of scorched earth. Me and my tribe were the alpha on an official island server at that time and instantly went for scorched earth when it came out. We found a nice spot next to an oasis. At the other end of the oasis, another tribe was building up, who were also an alpha on a island server. After the first day the 6 of us managed to set up a nice base, and so did our neighbours. Suddenly out of nowhere they blew our up completely. We didnt had anything to defend ourselves since whe had only been building. My tribe mates felt a bit sad and went for the night. except for me and one other tribemate. we grinded for 4 hours to craft about 100 grenades. We then waited till the electrical storm disrupted their turrets. Long story short, their base was also gone after they woke up the next day. From there on they acknowledged our power and the two of us ruled that scorched earth server for a good couple of months untill the chinese came over... Was a great event
  5. Hi wildcard It would be amazing if after 5 months we could get some patches for the switch. Ofcourse the DLC's would even be better but im already happy with general game improvement kind regards
  6. Hello Wildcard, I realy enjoy your game on the Nintendo switch, but i'd love to see a little bit of back up by you guys. No patches for 5 months while there's still so much progress to make. kind regards
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