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  1. Here’s the thing, when they were porting Ark: Survival Evolved to Switch, they had to keep all of the DLCs in or the game would not function properly. Basically Ragnarok, the Center, Aberration, and Scorched Earth are basically what make Ark work on Switch. If let’s say Scorched Earth is removed out of the files, the game won’t function properly because there was many patches for Scorched Earth that affected also too other maps in the game. What Studio Abstraction Games did was they minimized all of the meshes and even removed a ton of models but not the assets or coding that makes it function. I attempted to see if you can go into the DLC maps in Ark on Switch and the result is you cannot. The game will freeze and lead you back into the Island map. You see, the maps are actually in the game but the models are removed. You may ask; “why did they remove the models and keep all of the assets in the game?”. Simple answer, Nintendo. Nintendo’s cartridges are super expensive and they would’ve ported the entire game and it’s DLCs but a 32gb SD card is super expensive so they did not port it on that, instead they did it on a cheaper 16gb SD card and we’re going to port the DLCs soon after the game launches.
  2. To Studio WildCard, quit ignoring the Nintendo switch port and fan base. This is ridiculous for over 5 months of silence about anything of the maps. I demand for you to speak about the Switch port and I understand that you are a busy company but releasing a unfinished product is just scummy and not saying anything of new updates too. I put it over 700 hours on the Switch port of Ark and this is getting ridiculous of how there is been silence for months about the matter of maps or new patches. I know that you possibly are working on the maps since all of the dinos from the DLCs are in the games files since you can spawn a Griffin in game. If you ever wanted to do this yourself, have admin commands on in single player or non dedicated and type in the code gmsummon “Griffin_Character_BP_C” (You put here what level you want it to be) and it spawns in. It is a fully function Griffin also. WildCard, everyone in the Switch community is demanding a response back to your fans of any new updates about this switch port. You as a company not even giving updates and leaving this like if it never became a port is extremely disrespectful to the Switch community. This is. And you promising maps and not even releasing them for over five months now is ridiculous. You need to get your act together WildCard. Stop spending your time on the other consoles and fix the biggest issue you have right now and that is the Switch port. Coming from a PC player and a Console player, I honestly played the Switch version of Ark more than the PC version and this is a great idea for Ark on this platform but it is an unfinished product that you haven’t even addressed to fixing. If you ever expect your fans to buy your games or DLCs in the future, it’s best to fix this port because this port would be almost as popular as the PC port if it had its maps and the glitches and optimization issues fixed. We all want the maps already and it doesn’t take this long to optimize a few maps. Any one reading this post, please share it and repost and demand that Wildcard will respond and fix this switch port. If they don’t do it, this will show even more of a scummy company they can get if they don’t fix this.
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