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  1. So our gen2 server has run into a few issues where people are purposely running the hunt missions with full intent of the mission dinos spawning inside players bases to destroy their buildings or kill the player and or dinos. My suggestion will refer to the lack of support claiming they can do nothing about it other than tell people to move their entire base they've had built and set up since opening of the map. I propose that they add a count down time like the one that's used in the paracer bulbdog and maewing tranq/capture mission. Make a set time that will force players to attack the shadow mane or velonosaur instead of being able to stand there for the entire 60min mission timer length watching the mission dinos destroy or attempt to destroy other players bases. The main problem is people running these missions will stand back and not attack the dinos just to see what will happen due to humans nature of curiosity. Please it's not asking a lot to add the same timer code used in the other 3 open world mission to the other 3 open world missions.
  2. and dont send me another comment say put in a ticket and tke it up with support because they dpont do poop but tell you everything they cant do to help and then finish it off with a o raptorn well
  3. this is the second time since easter update start that i have been Blue Screened only to relog into the server to no death message only to have to jet pack back to where i was to find my skiff has been destroyed and hasnt dropped a bag. that is the second skiff that has had end game equipment. how the raptor am i gonna be disconnected and have my skiff blow up while im not even on line. then come back to a black screen with no beds and have to fly back to find nothing. no bag with all of my poop it in. tek bows tek rifles tek pistols flak armor asc whips long necks tek sturctures. o not to mention this is the second skiff within 3 days ive had to craft and rebuild. ive been playing since 2016 and this is raptorin bullpoop. im losing poop ive worked on for MONTHS. and all i get told on the last forum thread was we cant replace anything and the dino will be base stat, so basically the support for wild card and ark dont give two poops about their community
  4. Can we please add copy door settings like we have copy dino settings? Building dino pins and nurseries or even base boarders would be smoother if we can edit the stay open and auto open settings on 1 door and copy to all other. Just finished in closing around some ocean plats and 50 dino settings and 20 minutes later I was done with just the perimeter gates under the plates, then started the next 50 on top of the oceans plates lol. Just a nice TLC update love ark, first trophy was new years eve 2016 my first night in ark, love everything the game has become.
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