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  1. O same here, our tribe alone on official has to have hatched atleast over 10000 lol
  2. Just curious and im sure other are just as curious, how many dinos/creatures have actually been hatched in total across pvp and pve? Lol that number would have to be in the multi billions if not trillions by now lol
  3. Blue screened 4 times now in less than an hour in artic biome. Kangaroo baby wont spawn in to run mission now either. Im losing my mind today
  4. Hey i got another great idea to add, how bout when you bluescreen and body falls in water worh a full powered tek suit, YOU DONT DIE!?!?!?! Heh? Heh?
  5. Could we please fix the artic biome? Id like to able to do any freaking mission without BlueScreening. Id like to be able to go into the ferox cave without BlueScreening into the water ever single time. Id love to be able to ice fishing mission and actually be able to cast the line out. Could we please work on this freaking map instead of worrying about what vin freaking deisle wants to do with a game thats not even out yet.
  6. Which server? Im ps4 pve and have a base on an extinction already. But ive been looking for other tribes to do purple drops with. More people more fun.
  7. TESTED PS4 PVE OFFICIAL 1 gacha tested at a time in this method. Will update when i try multiple next weekend. 1. Minimum 2x2 dino gate and door pin. Must be berry and or stone pick-up spawns inside pin. *no foundations or flooring* 2. 1 or more doedics black box/bag with stone. (I find a creek bed and whip mine from top to bottom. Fills every time) 3. Have either and abundance of spoiled or raw meat, or berries. Stim and narco berries are able to use, but use 200 stim before using 100 narco. Tested last night. Narcos provide an incredible amount of food. 4. Put gacha
  8. It dark grim day like no other, When a Tribe Naked and Afraid entered the cave. Nameless can be heard in the distance taking cover, For every tribe member had a glowpet shining bright as a rave. They made their decent with riot gear and flak, Shotguns, Drakes, Megs and a Stego ready for attack. The tribute is in ready to start, We teleport through with every one safe and sound. With a loud roar all had fear in their heart, Emerged from the gas with tentacles all around. They dash out the gate full tribe on alert, one by one tenticals drop to the dirt. Tribe working together and all
  9. Twas a giga in the desert one cold ark night, All was around was a scorp and vulture fight. A tribe on the prowl taming with care, Minding their business when they received a scare. The giga saw the tribe and he made his mark, The tribe was greeted by this giga with a merry christmas, youve been arked. Writen by: Bengals4ever PSN Love Ark!
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