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  1. Nice new content and all but I do really wana play extinction on xbox cuz i actually bought the game without having to be in the state of fear for crashing and the game graphics fully loading. Like i thought this yr was supposed to focus on optimisation and such but i guess they need to more money.
  2. I thought 2019 is about optimization, here i am still having the game on xbox crashing and textures not fully loading and then a new map is gonna be released. Probably gna crash too.
  3. Great! All these events and expansions i wish i could play. I mean i own extinction on xbox one but i cant really play it because it always crash and textures doesnt even fully load! Damn i wonder after 4 years, bugs n optimizations are all over the place, i wonder if the game will ever be playable!
  4. Fix/optimize xbox!!! Constant crashing to dashboard and game not fully rendering, especially the extinction map!
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