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  1. What map are you playing on? As long as I know, the only way to see a wild dino's level and stats on Genesis is to scan it with your HLNA
  2. Glitched melee damage stat Hi guys! I use to play Ark on my cousin's PS4. We have a ton of dinos and we never really tamed anything above level 40 anyways, our dinos always had fairly normal melee stats. For example: our best Rex had around 430% melee. But suddenly one day all of our dinos had a glitched melee stat. Our Rex had over 1000% melee and was dealing 1300 damage, while it dealt around 420 before. Even our Lystros and Dodos now have over 600% melee. Having tames with high melee damage shouldn't be something to complain about, but it actually really bothers me since even a Pelagornis could now destroy an alpha Carno in a matter of seconds. As long as I know, my cousin entered Valguero for a sec before the glitch happened (we're currently playing on the island and planning to move to Valguero). Could that have something to do with it? Another thing: the "melee damage % per level" setting hasn't been altered since pumping a level into melee adds the exact same amount as it did before. Thank you in advance!
  3. That’s right. That happened to me as well. And as usual, I’m ALWAYS the second player so I have to experience the glitch very frequently. I hate that. And sometimes during that glitch an image of your character’s legs and feet appears on the left side of the screen... it’s pretty annoying to be honest
  4. Rub3n

    Dung Beetle TLC

    Dung Beetle TLC Hello! I think the Dung Beetle needs a TLC pass. To make it more realistic, it should be able to fly like its real life counterpart. And also it should definitely be breedable. Since real life dung beetles form a dung ball and lay their eggs in it, breeding should be possible by putting feces into the beetle's inventory and then making two beetles mate. After that, the beetle with the feces should form a ball and lay an egg into it. The egg should then hatch into a larva that eats its dung ball, so survivors wouldn't even need to feed it. It should then turn into a cocoon and after half an hour it should hatch into a Dung Beetle. I think it would be nice to have a rework of insects and invertebrates in general!
  5. Lymantria breeding Hi there! I have a suggestion regarding Lymantria breeding. First of all, I did't understand if they're actually breedable because on the Ark Wiki it says they're not, but if you look for Moth Eggs on the Wiki it says they are. Also I've never seen a Lymantria live in game because I've never played on a map with Lymantrias yet. But anyways: it would be nice if you introduced a metamorphosis process. Fertilized eggs shouldn't hatch into mini moths, but into caterpillars. You should then feed them crops to make them grow and eventually they would make a cocoon. They should stay in the cocoon state for around half an hour and finally they should hatch into a Lymantria. This would make the game much more realistic and I think it would really be fun!
  6. You should definitely rework the Dino AI. Creatures just wander around aimlessly and don’t have any real animation except walking or idle. It would be nice if they would really eat out of feeding troughs with an animation where they put their head into the food istead of just “teleporting” the food into their inventory and eating it from there. And there is no mating animation: I know that it wouldn’t really be “family-friendly” if you added one, but it would really be more realistic. We also need an animation and an action when mammals give birth (like screaming with a “pushing” animation) instead of them pooping babies out like nothing. And I think dinos set on passive should flee when being attacked and when reaching low health, because I lost a passive Brontosaurus because of one single Piranha. I hope you'll take into consideration a few of my suggestions for the next update!
  7. Oh well, my cousin and I had a really exciting afternoon playing Ark. First of all we started to move to a new base location (we were based on South Haven, the Herbivore Island) and we're moving to the Hidden Lake. So we tamed up a few dinos in the Hidden Lake (a Diplodocus and a Pachycephalosaurus) and then we decided to make a "mass exodus" with all of our tames. We already knew that we were about to loose some of them because we had to get through the swamp, so pray for these dinos who fought for the fatherland: Dietlinde (Iguanodon) Rudolf (Raptor) Bonsai (Megaloceros) Surprisingly both of our Dodos survived. Anyways, we unfortunately lost many of our dinos in the swamp and we still have to find them, so pray for these dinos who are still fighting for the fatherland: Brunhilde (Phiomia) Kevin (Argentavis) Omnibus (Diplodocus) Salmonella (Dodo) Ingrid (Stegosaurus) Gerda (Ichthyosaurus) Justin (Casteroides) Stendarda (Lystrosaurus) Karoline (Pulmonoscorpius) Karl (Pulmonoscorpius) Prinz (Beelzebufo) But we continued our journey to the new base (we first want to bring all of the existing dinos to a safe place to go and search for the lost ones afterwards and without having to worry about creating even more victims). On the way there we tamed a Pachyrhinosaurus which we named Chanel (because it kinda sprays perfume all around itself). We also were about to tame a pink Doedicurus, but then an annoying Raptor arrived and wanted to kill it so I went to it on my Argentavis and killed it but I accidentally killed the Doedicurus as well. We didn't get to play more than this, but we still have much work to do!
  8. So my cousin and I decided to move to a new base location and in order to do so we had to pass the swamp. We already knew that some of our dinos would die during the journey, but what we didn't know is that we would loose many of them. We lost the following dinos: Brunhilde (Phiomia) Kevin (Argentavis) Omnibus (Diplodocus) Salmonella (Dodo) Ingrid (Stegosaurus) Gerda (Ichthyosaurus) Justin (Casteroides) Stendarda (Lystrosaurus) Karoline (Pulmonoscorpius) Karl (Pulmonoscorpius) Prinz (Beelzebufo) Don't bother the weird names, we just had fun naming our dinos Anyways, we lost all of these dinos in the swamp. We looked for them everywhere but there were no green nametags anywhere. And I just can't understand how we could loose a Diplodocus in the swamp. We just know that everyone of these dinos is still alive. Is there any way to find lost dinos? I know we could fly around and whistle "follow all", but it's pretty annoying to do that on PS4. So as I said, could you suggest us a way to find them again? That would be really helpful! Thanks!
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