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  1. I like primitive + as a game mode and challenge. However I also see the issues with it breaking with every change to base game. Theres no easy answer to this but maybe a good compromise. I believe it was stated once to add it to the main game but keep the mode select as a toggle for non prim + engrams. Simply blocking the engrams by toggle select as to maintain the game mode feel and keep it in main game files for easier updating. That way all updates and maps will stay current and i believe The prim+ engrams will fill gaps between thatch level and full modern. Example from primitive wood to lumber and stone to concrete. Bows to crossbow then musket to longneck etc... The cooking would make for better roll play servers and the extra fabrication methods i.e. alchemy and lumber tables would make great decorating clutter . Not to mention alchemy tables look cool as they are and make good bridges between mortar and pestle to chem bench. So I would like to see it as a mode as is but i also see it could be lots of issues. Besides I would rather have a good instance of this mode than no choice at all. The toggle idea seems to be the lesser of two evils. I invite anyone from Wild Card to e-mail on how such a toggle would function. I am no programmer by any definition but i have a rough understanding of game mechanics . Prim+ is just too much fun to lose entirely. The features could really enrich things . A t least that my two cents.
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