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  1. Thanks I was gonna use megas but there seems to be a problem in my game where unmounted they use their secondary attack even if they are unable to grab their target about 90% of the time and only use primary attack 10% which is a huge dps loss. Even still what are the target health and melee for alpha rockwell megas.
  2. Alpha Rockwell Singleplayer PVE. Hey guys a little back ground info. Playing max difficulty, not using single player settings. I got 87 armor rock drake blueprints and thinking about taking on rockwell with the drakes. I would like to know what is the recommended health and melee for alpha rockwell. Any additional info or suggestions are welcome as I have never done an aberration boss before. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Its as i suspected then, i need to get a spino, crab, or mega to venture deeper!
  4. SP PVE help Aberration Whats up guys, a year and a half into my ark single player journey ive reached something ive looked forward to for a long time..aberration. ive gotten established at the edge of the waterfall overlooking the blue biome. Most kibble tames minus exceptional and extra. A high level bred ravenger pack and utility dinos. I have the climbing picks, rad suit, and glider. The problem is i have no idea how to progress through this map. What should be next on my to do list? Ive scoured the river for a few days now looking for high level crabs and spinos to tame killing them off as i go but ive yet to find one over 130. In my mind i feel i need one of them to progress further into the map. Is this the case? Could someone lay a blue print of tames or objectives i should be doing to progress? Any feed back or suggestions are appreciated.
  5. 2 player cross ark self imposed rules. What's up guys in doing a cross ark playthrough with my buddy on a non dedicated session. Were starting out in valguero as our main base location and plan to beat the entire game. Were doing cross ark where we can go to any of the other maps at any time as we gear up for each boss fight. I just wanted some suggestion for self imposed rules as I feel being able to transfer dinos and equipment may spoil the intendedstruggle for each map. Is cross ark a good idea? Or should we keep each individual map seperate and only transfer between maps once we beat each maps respected boss? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  6. Starting up a SP PVE cross ark playthrough, gonna have bases on all maps. But which in your opinion is the best to have a main base and why?
  7. I gave gtx 1070 16gb i7 ddr4, i run half high half medium. It can run the game on high or even epic bit there will be framerate dips way to often and it breaks immersion. I also believe I get random crashes less often when I run these settings.so to answer your question I would say yes I think you could get 60 with mostly med settings on and a few high.
  8. Yea cross arking totally eliminates any early game survival at all if you bring dinos. I still have a few more weeks on the island to come to a decision. I'm thinking maybe taming and imprinting one dino to come along with me on all my journeys and leaving all other dinos behind. Something not super OP but not completely useless. Maybe a direwolf or raptor. Would be kind of cool to have that one dino that goes with you to every map plus he has utility since you can ride him.
  9. Those are great ideas I think I'm gonna set up all my dinos on ragnorak (heard it was the most beautiful of all the maps) to build my Main base after the island and set the rule that I can only bring one Dino and one shoulder mount from my previous playthrough over to my next excluding boss dinos they go into retirement. The only transfers I can make are to rag not from. But freedom to transfer resources freely. And yes the struggle is what makes games like ark fun it's boring when it's too easy!
  10. I think cross ark would be so much fun i love the dynamic it adds but I also feel too easy, the boss rexes I'm mutating right now will be so OP when I'm finished I'm afraid it will make the game a cake walk! That's my whole dilemma and why I wanted to know what you veterans thought would be the better experience. I also like the idea of setting up the little rules for bringing over dinos to add a bit of challenge. So far 2 points for cross ark! Thanks for the replies.
  11. What's up guys been playing ark Single player PVE off and on for about 9 months. A month ago I decided I was gonna see it through and complete the Island and ascend so I could carry on and play the whole Saga. I was having trouble finding high level Rex's on the island and I read that you could jump to other maps where higher levels are more common, so I went to the center to find my Rex's. And it got me questioning how I should play the game. So my question is what do you all think would be the better overall PVE ark experience, knocking each map out 1 by 1 starting from scratch each time minus my engrams or bouncing back and forth between all the maps transferring dinos resources etc while beating them? Thanks in advance.
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