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  1. Is it possible to host a non dedicated steam server and join with the epic version? My friend and i both have the epic version of the game, and my friend can join my non dedicated epic server with hamachi, typing my hamachi ip in the console, but can't join my non dedicated steam server. Is there a special setting or a console command i need to change, so my friend can join? (the reason i want to use the steam version is because i don't want to buy the season passes again.)

  2. Few years ago, i was abble to host a dedicated ark server for me and for my friends to play. They were abble to join and everything went fine until an update (can't remember which one). After i updated my server in server manager, my friends unable to join to my server. I tried eveyrthing, my port forwarding was ok, i used the same when it was worked. Disabled the firewall, download the server manager again, i even reinstalled my pc. and nothing helped. After a few years i tried to play with one of my friends again. I Hosted a non dedicated server, and my friend was unable to join. She get these messages: connection timeout, and unknown error. We even tried with hamachi with the same result. The only way she was able to join is to start a singleplayer game after i started the non dedicated server, and type: open "my hamachi ip"
    Now i started to create a dedicated server again using ark server manager. I folowed countles tutorials step by step, but my server only shows up in lan, and my friends can't see it. I literally tried everything to fix this problem, nothing helped. And i'm not the only one. A lot of people have the same issue when hosting a dedicated server, and looks like nobody knows what causing the problem and how to fix it, which is very frustrating.

  3. I read somewhere that the oxygen increase is also incresing the swimming speed. I put some point on oxygen (no multiplier), and now i'm swimming faster than an imprinted ichthyosaurus (non dedicated server). How is that possible? I alsó checked GameUserSettings.ini for OxygenSwimSpeedStatMultiplier, but it's set to 1. How can i fix this?

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