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  1. Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add hp not working So i hosting a dedicated server with the ark server manager for me and my friends, and i noticed something weird after the lastest update. All of our tames hp dropped drastically. We have an increased Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add for hp, which is not working since the last update for some reason (for example: one of our rexes had 30k hp, now it have only 9k). I tried to change the value to higher number, but no change, our tames still at low hp. For some reason the hp add multiplier is ignored. Is this a bug with the lastest update or we screwed up something? The only thing i changed right after i updated the server is the baby mature speed, but then i changed back to the previous value, but the hp multiplier is still ignored.
  2. max dino hp drastically dropped after the update So we are playing on my unoffical server for a while now, and we noticed that most of our tames max hp dropped drastically after the update, for example: one of our rexes had 30k hp, now it only has 9k. Increasing the Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add does nothing. What happened?
  3. can't tame electrophrus For some reason i can't feed them with biotoxin when im pressing e.
  4. Can't open explorer notes So i decided to find all the notes on my dedicated server. I found a bunch of notes yesterday. I continued the hunt for notes today, but when i find one, i can't open it, i mean i can open it, but i didn't get anything, not even the experience boost. And no i didn't found that note before. I logged out, and in to open it again, no luck, restarted the server, still no luck. What should i do?
  5. how to increase imprint percentage? So we tried to breed raptors on our server (ark server manager). I set the cuddle interval to 0.01, because we had to wait 8 hour for the first care, and the raptor grow up by then. The problem is that the raptor get only 3% with each care, which means, we can never get a 100% imprint. What do i need to change to increase the ammout/percentage of the imprints?
  6. Can't place stone fence support: requies nearby foundation support So i started to build a wall with stone fence support, but i can't place the seccond one, i get this error message: Can't place stone fence support: requies nearby foundation support. Why? Since an update i can't place it on the ground? Because i remember few months ago it didn't needed a foundation support. Or i need to change an option on my server?
  7. No creatures in Valguero Aberration area So i found the entrance to the underground, and there are no creatures at all
  8. Can we get a force respawn resources console command? Can we get a force respawn resources console command? After a while resources stopped respawning, which is became a problem when i try to farm resources like obsidian. I need to go farther and farther just o find a small ammount until there is no more. I tried to set the sliders to a value which helps the resource sapwn faster, but still no obsidian
  9. Obsidian and metal not respawning So, me and my friends playing in a non dedicated server. I decided to go to the mountain to farm some metal and obsidian, but no onbsidian an metal there since i was there last time. It should be respawned by now 2 times, but no. I traveled to a farther mountain where i farmed a lot of obsidian a long time ago, but i can't find any now. What should we do?
  10. why the gacha don't want the snow owl pellet So i decided to tame a gacha, i canptured a snow owl, got some pellets, but for some reason tha gacha doesn't want to eat it. If i manage to drop some pellet front of him, the gacha makes a strange noise, look around, then walk away without eating the pellets. What am i doing wrong?
  11. How to host dedicated server? i tried everything, followed multiple tutorials, guides, opened every port, disabled the firewall, but my friends can't see my dedicated server, and i can't even invite them. What am i doing wrong?
  12. So i reached a level where is simply can't find any black pearls on the island. All water scorpions are dead and won't respawn, even when i used the destroy all wild dinos command to force respawn the creatures. Trilobites respawn but only 1 out of 5 drops black pearls which is an innefective way to farm. So the best way is to kill alpha mosasaurus, because it drops 100 black pearls. The problem is, i can't find any alpha mosasaurus
  13. Me and my friends are planing to kill our first alpha boss soon. I thinking about that we should tame a paracer and equip with a platform saddle with a minigun turret, because it's have high dps. Is this a good idea or we should save the place for a high level rex? +bonus question: How can we farm black pearl for tek tier items when the euryperids i killed not respawning and can't find any of those anymore. (the island, unofficial server)
  14. no it was in singleplayer, i used a cheat to get the artifact. I visited the cave again later, now the artifact spawned
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