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  1. Me and my friends played on a dedicated server which i hosted with ark server manager. But few days ago it stopped working properly. It doesn't show up in the unnoficial server list, and my friends can't join. I can join the server when i select the my survivors filter. I tried everything. Updated the server, verified it, disabled the firewall, disabled the antivirus, turned off and on my router, changed ip, reopened the ports on that ip, changed the ip in the server manager, tried to open different ports, but still no luck. Is there a problem with my internet connection or a setting randomly
  2. Me and my friends playing on an unofficical server for a while now, hosted by me with the ark server manager. We took a 2 week break. Since then, an update came out. I updated the server, verified it too (i did this every time when there was an update) , but for some reason my server doesn't show up in the list of unofficial servers, and my friends can't join. Ichecked my ip, it's ok, the ports are opened, i don't know what causes the problem
  3. We spending literal hours trying to tame this, just to horibbly die at the end when we try to destroy the node near the tail (for some reason we can't start with that one, the lightning doesn't expose it). I mounted on the a quetzal with platform saddle to attract the lightning, while my friend shoot it with a tapejara, and i try to attract more lightning. It takes around 20-25 direct hit on the node to destroy it, while a tapejara also damaging it. But when i watched a video, it takes around 6 direct hit to destroy the node. What the hell are we doing wrong?
  4. Me and my friends are trying rockwell for the first time. Our armor got destroyed so we brought spare armor to equip when the other is destroyed, but when we open the inventory, we got fatal error.
  5. Ok, i opened the gate of the trap, lured the queen out, and the impregnation was successful. Looks like the walls and the gate was interfering the process
  6. we tried 3 time so far, last time it grabbed my friend, still no impregnation
  7. reaper queen won't impregnate me I'm hosting an aberation server for me and my friend. We managed to weaken a reaper queen, the purple aura appeared, it grabbed me, but then throwed me without impregnate me. I have full radiation suit. There was no problem when my friends tried it.
  8. killing with mounted tame or with weapons(xp farm)? Which one give more xp for the player?
  9. alternative for magnifying glass? So me and my friend try to get a reaper. We captured a queen in a trap, and we try to bring her health bellow 2k. But every time i want to chech the health with the magnifying glass, the queen tail attack knock me away, and i can't get near. And we alawys end up killing it because i can't check the health
  10. how to get impregnated by i reaper queen? I tried dozens of times and i ended up killing the queen all the time. There is no pink aura, just regular attacks. what do i do wrong?
  11. effective way to farm element? I found this charge node method very time consuming and not rewarding. Spending time to farm 6 different material, wait to charge 8 charge battery, then craft 3 element, wait 5 min for the charge node to recharge
  12. tame automatically set to passive flee Anyone else have this annoying bug? I set my ravager's behavior to attack my target, a raptor knocked me off the ravager and the ravager run away. I checked the behavior after the raptors almost killed me, and it passive flee.
  13. what tames should we brind to the radioactive zone? We just started exploring the radioactive zone on my server with my friend (never been there before). We went there with 2 imprinted carnotaurus. We had no problem outside the radioactive zone, the carnos basically unstopable. We could even kill a reaper queen. But as we went deeper and deeper to get a rock drake egg, 2 reaper queen ambushed and annihillated us. Should we bring an imprinted spino or there is a better tame for this?
  14. killed myself by dismounting i was on my ravager and died for no reason when im dismounted, the game said i killed myself. Earlier the same happened to my friend at the end of the tek cave which was very frustrating. Anyone else experienced this before?
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