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  1. killing with mounted tame or with weapons(xp farm)? Which one give more xp for the player?
  2. alternative for magnifying glass? So me and my friend try to get a reaper. We captured a queen in a trap, and we try to bring her health bellow 2k. But every time i want to chech the health with the magnifying glass, the queen tail attack knock me away, and i can't get near. And we alawys end up killing it because i can't check the health
  3. how to get impregnated by i reaper queen? I tried dozens of times and i ended up killing the queen all the time. There is no pink aura, just regular attacks. what do i do wrong?
  4. effective way to farm element? I found this charge node method very time consuming and not rewarding. Spending time to farm 6 different material, wait to charge 8 charge battery, then craft 3 element, wait 5 min for the charge node to recharge
  5. tame automatically set to passive flee Anyone else have this annoying bug? I set my ravager's behavior to attack my target, a raptor knocked me off the ravager and the ravager run away. I checked the behavior after the raptors almost killed me, and it passive flee.
  6. what tames should we brind to the radioactive zone? We just started exploring the radioactive zone on my server with my friend (never been there before). We went there with 2 imprinted carnotaurus. We had no problem outside the radioactive zone, the carnos basically unstopable. We could even kill a reaper queen. But as we went deeper and deeper to get a rock drake egg, 2 reaper queen ambushed and annihillated us. Should we bring an imprinted spino or there is a better tame for this?
  7. killed myself by dismounting i was on my ravager and died for no reason when im dismounted, the game said i killed myself. Earlier the same happened to my friend at the end of the tek cave which was very frustrating. Anyone else experienced this before?
  8. how can i place a pillar underneath a ceiling? I want to extend my base into the water but after 2 foundations i can't place more so i have to continue with ceilings. The problem is that i need pillars to support mi ceiling, but the pillars always sticking trough the ceiling. How can i place the pillar under the ceiling, without sticking trough? Or is there any other way to support the ceilings?
  9. out of render distance, structures phisically don't exist So i built a wyvern trap on scorched earth so i can milk them every time if i need wyvern milk. There is no way the wyvern can get out of the trap, but as soon i go far enough, out of the render distance of the trap, the wyvern gets out. Is there any way i can fix this?
  10. How can i shake off the wyverns? I try to get a wyvern egg, butt every time i get in the trench, wyverns start to follow me and my tapejara, and i end up dead, because i cant shake the off, they are faster than my tapejara
  11. how to use cryopod in tek cave? It says i cant use it here. My friends on their servers can use it, but i cant use it on my own. Im running the server with ark server manager. Is there any option for cryopod usage in tek cave?
  12. how to tame electrophorus (electric eel)? I read it's a passive tame and bio toxin is the most effective, but for some reason i can't feed the anything. What do i do wrong?
  13. Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add hp not working So i hosting a dedicated server with the ark server manager for me and my friends, and i noticed something weird after the lastest update. All of our tames hp dropped drastically. We have an increased Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add for hp, which is not working since the last update for some reason (for example: one of our rexes had 30k hp, now it have only 9k). I tried to change the value to higher number, but no change, our tames still at low hp. For some reason the hp add multiplier is ignored. Is this a bug with the lastest update or we screwed up something? The only thing i changed right after i updated the server is the baby mature speed, but then i changed back to the previous value, but the hp multiplier is still ignored.
  14. max dino hp drastically dropped after the update So we are playing on my unoffical server for a while now, and we noticed that most of our tames max hp dropped drastically after the update, for example: one of our rexes had 30k hp, now it only has 9k. Increasing the Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add does nothing. What happened?
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