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  1. I started to breeding achatinas and set the to wander so i can harvest the paste, but for some reason they keep mating even tough the mating is disabled. I try to enable the disable the mating again, they still trying to mate.
  2. So i was flying with my pteranodon on Valguero, found a cave flyed there, my flyer dropped me because there is no flying in caves, and now i can't mount my flyer at all, even if i left the cave. I tried re equiping the saddle, restarting the game, but notthing works, i can only acces my flyer's inventory and i'm in the middle of nowhere far away from my base.
  3. Me and my friends played on a dedicated server which i hosted with ark server manager. But few months ago it stopped working properly and it still doesn't work. It doesn't show up in the unnoficial server list, and my friends can't join if i try to invite them, the server is not responding to them. I can join the server when i select the my survivors filter. I tried everything. Updated the server, verified it, disabled the firewall, disabled the antivirus, turned off and on my router, changed ip, reopened the ports on that ip, changed the ip in the server manager, tried to open different ports
  4. We spending literal hours trying to tame this, just to horibbly die at the end when we try to destroy the node near the tail (for some reason we can't start with that one, the lightning doesn't expose it). I mounted on the a quetzal with platform saddle to attract the lightning, while my friend shoot it with a tapejara, and i try to attract more lightning. It takes around 20-25 direct hit on the node to destroy it, while a tapejara also damaging it. But when i watched a video, it takes around 6 direct hit to destroy the node. What the hell are we doing wrong?
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