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  1. Free to join solo tribe server Hey everyone, this is a message for all the ark players that like to play solo. I host an unofficial ark server for xbox one. It is basically smalltribes but with the max tribe members set to 1 person. Meaning it is free for all, every man (or woman) for himself. The map is the classic island and it is not (yet) a cluster. I may do that if there is enough demand for it. If you would like to join and have pvp fun you can do it freely :). It is set up to be just like an official smalltribes server. Therefore there is no admin involved in kicking players etc. server name: Solo tribes island i hope to see you there and we can make a non toxic pvp enviroment/community!
  2. You are completely right. Extinction ruined this game
  3. In my opinion a lot of stuff from Extinction DLC that needs to be nerved or limited to that DLC only is more important as of game-inprovement.
  4. We are not playing minecraft lol
  5. Great idea, but wildcard never listens
  6. First of all, this is intended as an idea to enable players who love ark, but don't want to play due to imbalance, to play again. The idea is simple but effective. Single map clusters. In other words: a cluster of 5-10 servers of 1 map only. And this for every map. So a cluster for the island, cluster for abberation, extinction and so on. Why? Because pvp is a bit broken. And it has been broken for quite a while and i know a lot of people who were forced to quit because of this. It is just true that, for example, a regular the island player stands no chance at bigger tribes with wyverns, mana's etcetera. Especially the mana is just too broken, no matter how often it is nerved. Every server i play on this has been a problem for me and other players who want to play the game fair and square. And the single map cluster is a great solution that will have a lot of players wanting to play it. And wanting to return to playing ark. If you want the best pvp, you can play the island. If you want to use the overpowered DLC items and dino's you play extinction/scorched. Everyone can play how they want, and on every server the pvp is fair. Ps. Sorry for the bad english, it is not my main language.
  7. Same happened to me on single player, this game is a raptoring joke
  8. Why cryopods in a classic game mode? It takes a lot out of pvp. What is cooler than you and your tribemates going to rade a base on a pack of animals crossing the map? That is pvp. The gay tek stuff is just a way for noobs and kids to make playing easier.
  9. Oh yeah, cryopods. Real classic that is... Please don't be a little kid and play oldschool
  10. Wildcard, don't be stupid and try to include other DLC's in. The inbalance that the DLC's brought to the game is really game changing in a negative way. Rock elementals, managarmr, snow owl, griffin and more is just too strong for regular the island players. If you want a 'classic' pvp mode, stick to the island and restrict transferring items and animals that are normally not found on the island. This is the only way to have te real old school classic pvp. Please don't ruin it again
  11. Just don't ruin the game by playing with mana's. Karma eh
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