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  1. Why cryopods in a classic game mode? It takes a lot out of pvp. What is cooler than you and your tribemates going to rade a base on a pack of animals crossing the map? That is pvp. The gay tek stuff is just a way for noobs and kids to make playing easier.
  2. Oh yeah, cryopods. Real classic that is... Please don't be a little kid and play oldschool
  3. Wildcard, don't be stupid and try to include other DLC's in. The inbalance that the DLC's brought to the game is really game changing in a negative way. Rock elementals, managarmr, snow owl, griffin and more is just too strong for regular the island players. If you want a 'classic' pvp mode, stick to the island and restrict transferring items and animals that are normally not found on the island. This is the only way to have te real old school classic pvp. Please don't ruin it again
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