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  1. I hope you mean that humans riding dinosaurs never existed and not that dinosaurs themselves never existed lol. EDIT: Reading it again I see you probably just meant they don't exist anymore but some of them kind of still do
  2. That just so happens to be the way I like my bacon :P.
  3. Be careful going the build your own PC route, like many others I do recommend it and it's what I do myself but I do work in I.T and I have built many PC's. The biggest thing people don't tell you to watch out for when they give you the generic, "just build your own rig bro, I'm running x,y,z" speech, is that you need to watch out for compatibility issues, that is one of the biggest reasons for you to do your research whenever buying separate pc parts. You can very easily end up in a situation where you buy all your expensive parts but come time to put it together and boot up.... the motherboard wont take the ram you bought or the CPU isn't the right type for your board or the power supply inst adequate enough for the system. Don't just listen to people who will spew what their system is running and then take bits and pieces from each of them, a good place to start is go for a slow upgrade rather than an all at once new build, especially for your first build. That being said parts to start with are an SSD, GPU(graphics card) and RAM as these are usually the most compatible friendly parts(excluding the RAM but the RAM will give you a noticeable performance boost) and for the RAM all you have to do is find out what motherboard you have and then a quick google search of compatibility will tell you what RAM it can take. If you are choosing to build from scratch then start with the Motherboard and CPU, this is because they are the most tricky when it comes to being compatible, a good way around this is to look for CPU motherboard combos, also called upgrade kits, this guarantees the board and motherboard will compliment each other and be compatible. Then look at what RAM the motherboard can take(usually upgrade kits also come with RAM which will be a plus) and then the graphics card, most GPU's will be fine in most motherboards but you can always just google to make sure. Once you have all that planned out then try work out the average power that the build will be using, the information for power consumption will be on the different parts specifications, add them together and then add some extra just to be safe, I usually aim for atleast 50 more watts than what my system will need incase I upgrade a part later or want to add more fans or whatever it may be, then look for a power supply in that range. Finally look at the cooling, a decent CPU cooler and an extra fan or two is usually all you need, especially if you are getting a new case as it will come with it's own fans, I highly recommend the coolermaster cases something like the coolermaster H500 mesh is the kind of case that will really help with your build temperature regulation. Don't listen to people who want you to tailor build for a specific game, this is not a smart move as often those kinds of rigs may leave you with short comings for other games/things that you may want to use the PC for, just aim for something that atleast covers the games recommended requirements and you will be good to go. Be careful taking advice from other gamer's on PC parts as unless they are versed in I.T they can easily mislead you, many misconceptions exist which is why people still deem a graphics card memory as it's defining characteristic, it really is not at all, a 4gb card can out perform an 8 gb card depending on it's other specifications, you are much better off doing your own research or listening to those that come from an I.T background, so ask your dads friend for advice and maybe he will even help you build it. Believe me when you run into the issues that every person who builds PC's know will appear when building a fresh machine, having someone with an I.T background can save you a big headache when it comes to trouble shooting certain things. I wish you good luck though and while it may seem complex, once you get into it, it really isnt hard at all ;). EDIT: the reason prebuilt can be a risky option is that you don't always know that what you paid for is what you got, especially if you don't know much about computers, the amount of people's PC's I have opened up and what they said the specs should be isn't what was actually put in the PC would shock you. Not to say that this will happen to you but atleast with building your own PC you know what you put in there, and you know how you put it together, the things I have seen in prebuilt machines, like using glue to secure connectors onto the motherboard , or suffocating fans with poor cable management. If you do decide to go prebuilt, upon receiving the machine open the computer and run through the list to make sure you get what you paid for PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check.
  4. What he was saying was that every halloween event Wild card chooses a server to sacrifice to their dark gods so that the may appease them and be gifted with a better financial year in the future. It seems this year your Server was selected, The server itself would have had all the entities on it ritualistically deleted, then the players are killed and permanently removed from existence along with all items. Finally the devs join in god mode and begin foundation wiping every base and bob shack they can find, the server is then deleted and the sacrifice is complete. It sucks losing all your work but look on the bright side at least this only happens once a year and only to one server. Joking btw in case by some stretch of the imagination you were taking me seriously at all ;).
  5. Credit where credits due As many issues as there are with this game, and as much as there is to complain about, I must say one thing ARK has going for it is it's inclusive and they really do try to cater to as many players and player types as they can, and to that I tip my hat. Recently got Conan exiles about 2 days ago to try the game out, Was really excited, 50 gb download then install boot up only to find out every EU official server has a max ping cap of 140. Now being a gamer from south africa EU is the closest international region for us to connect to game servers, unless there are actually south african servers for a game, (which is extremely rare) then the only way we can play with others and have decent ping is on EU. South africans will average about 150 -180 ping. At that ping you don't even really notice the lag and I am talking from years of experience. So that puts me and any other south africans just out of that max ping cap and poop out of luck for ever playing on an official server. Sure there are cool unofficial serves one can join and enjoy I'm sure but in the end it's nice to have that option, and then for people like me who actually prefer official servers as I like the vanilla experience and higher populations, well I can just go and make vigorous love to myself in the eyes of conan devs. All in the name of stopping chinese hackers who just hack on the other official servers instead. GOOD RAPTORING JOB. So this game I paid for I can now play official servers in asia if I want to deal with 500 ping, or I am stuck with private/modded unofficial servers. And the reasoning behind this ping cap as I hinted at above was to please the community who had been complaining about chinese hackers as they all had high latency. Someone connecting from china to EU will have almost 300 ping, so why then is the cap not more reasonable say 200 or so? Needless to say I was furious and will likely be refunding Conan and never looking back. I still remember my first ark experience, literally install finishes and within 10 mins I had created my first character and was on an official eu PvP server, ping was not bad at all sitting at about 160 and meeting people from day 1. My first conan experience, took a full hour after installing before I could get into a server because I had no choice but to play on unofficial which resulted in a lengthy install of the mods that the server was running, eventually get in and I never met a single soul on my entire first hour introduction to the game, Why you may ask??? because most people are playing on official and unofficial servers are dead... oh what fun. Screw that dumbster fire of a game. I must say that ark needs some credit for how easy it is to find populated servers and be able to just join, sure the loading can be lengthy and stability issues are there and exploiters are still kind of rampant, but hey atleast they don't prevent some poor gamer from south africa from enjoying the game with EU players. Thank you for that Ark devs, the whole experience has really helped me appreciated this game a lot more.
  6. Ark sits like a hefty beast on my hard drive, biggest game I own to date I'm pretty sure. A lot of it's size is because it is a pretty content packed game, but a fair share of it comes down to the lack of optimization, poor optimization is one of the biggest game bloaters.
  7. If that was your point then I covered it, Did you even read my reply? I pretty much stated in more words that all that is speculation. Perhaps the other company would have more resources than WC, maybe their engine would be more optimized and thus have less bugs plaguing them, maybe the type of bugs would be easier to patch, maybe the other company would be more timely with better customer support and that would result in fewer complaints on the forums. It is also true to say that maybe all of those things would be worse than how it has been with WC, it could be a combination of some things being better and other things worse. However by no means would it be the same, that is a completely unrealistic assumption to make, which is what I was pointing out in my post. The biggest counter point I was also trying to make you realize is that the simple act of introducing direct competition causes the company in question to have to up it's game. If WC had to compete more directly against another title they would be forced to engage more with these issue and dedicate more time to things the consumer is asking for rather than focusing on paid content and DLC related feature developments. To assume that another company just means another copy paste of WC and that both would essentially just try to embody each other without trying to develop any kind of competitive advantage... well thats just not how business works my friend. Like I said in my previous post, Yes some of the issue they face may well be the same, things like exploits, pleasing different types of players, allocation of resources, communicating developments to the community, all the while keeping the lights on. However Like I also said while the issues faced may be similar, the methods employed to deal with these issue will be different will in turn result in a different experience with each company and different outcomes of these issues. Had you read and understood my post properly you would have understood this. I think it was not me who was missing the point in a out little exchange ;). Anyway I wish you a good day regardless.
  8. Don't feel bad, I dealt with what was stated in your post, if there was some other underlying point that I didnt address and you arent prepared to enlighten us all on what that was... well that's not my problem, you can make your peace with that one :P. In terms of what I posted it is entirely relevant to what you stated and directly deals with the points you raised. It is always interesting when someone states how your response to them is wrong but then doesnt or isnt able to elaborate on why exactly your response is wrong ... If you can appreciate that I put some thought behind my post then how about you put some behind yours and explain what point was missed? If you arent prepared to do that then I'm afraid responding at all to me was entirely a pointless exercise.
  9. This is profoundly untrue. Sure a company that was a direct competitor may very well be privy to the many of the same challenges however how those challenges are handled and dealt with would be completely different. It is completely false to assume that the experience dealing with said hypothetical company would be the same as companies all act differently and often make very different decisions, in fact something that competition introduces is incentive for companies to better each other and end up providing better customer service in an attempt to win over the market. It would bring positive change for players across the board, both for players who would hypothetically move over to the new game and to players who stick with ark, this is because both companies would have incentive to "out do" each other to win over the market share. I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that another company with a similiar game would act and essentially be exactly like Wildcard, this is a completely ridiculous assumption. Just look at any two competing companies and you will see massive differences, sure their products are similar but the manner in which the company conducts itself, what it prioritizes and what its organisational culture is, would be completely different. You can't just say that coca cola is copy paste of pepsi and visa versa just because they make similar products. When it comes to games in particular, a new game means a different engine, different system and build, different methods for dealing with complaints and bugs, the stability of each game could be vastly different. You just have to look at the world of Mobas to know just how different a company can make the experience of a game compared to it's competitors. EDIT: and as an after thought, your statement about splitting the player base and thus leaving less players to interact with is also not accurate. Truth of the matter is that is not something you can estimate, it is very likely that competition would force the companies to make quality changes in order to win market share, these changes could have the result of attracting new players to the market and infact has the potential to INCREASE the player base as a whole. Heck maybe the other game has a slightly different theme which appeals to a whole new consumer type. Sure there will be a split in the player base however this does not automatically mean less players overall. It could very well end up with more players in each game than there are currently in the one game.
  10. I am kind of curious what exploit was used to aggro your tame away while on passive? Are you sure it was on passive? perhaps "lead them away" is not the right way to put it, did he use another dino to essentially push your birds away? The reason I ask is because I have never seen or heard of a way to lead/aggro another players dino that is set to passive.
  11. Was there any development on a list of what classifies "easy to tame" I mean I would consider dimorphos a pretty easy tame, same with vultures, and those are pretty much the only two tames that I actually like to mass tame and get a nice swarm of them going. If it turns out that they are classified as easy to tame and I can only have a max of 20.... Then I think I will be sticking to unofficial servers. I am honestly getting tired of this nonsense, WC make all these tedious and work around rules to the CoC in order to compensate for their games lack of optimization and design flaws. When you want to introduce limiting on features that are already a part of the game, then do that on the back-end, so make it that players actually arent able to tame more than x amount fo said species, or at the very least be specific and release a list, maybe they do have a list somewhere but I havent seen it. You don't leave it in the game and allow players to go past the limit and then you punish them for it afterwards, I am sorry but that is a temporary fix. You do that while you are patching the thing that you want to restrict. You don't allow players to eat as many donuts as they want but then punish them if they eat more than 5, that is just bad customer service bad business practice and all round lazy management. Either release a list of the dinos, make that list easily accessible and very public so that players can't argue that they were unaware of this stipulation. And yes if you don't promote the list enough then it is perfectly fair for players to turn around and say they were unaware of this stipulation. Only if you can prove that the information is easily accessible and has been effectively communicated to the community can you then punish people for ignoring this stipulation. I can promise you right now if some dev came to me and told me that hoarding dimorphos was against CoC and then wanted to dev wipe me for it, even after I tell them I was unaware I couldnt have more than x amount of dimorpho tames, not only would I lose my poop but I would drop this game faster than you could blink and never look back. As much as I enjoy the game I would never continue supporting something with a management team that has that level of incompetence and arrogance. Hopefully this is rectified and not just left to rot and fester because as it stands now, I agree with others that this is not acceptable. It is perfectly fine to have a restriction like this but it is not ok to go about enforcing it in the previously described manner...
  12. So I don't have a link for it, I know that the guy who developed it was working with Nick from NerdParade and that the NerdParade servers were some of the ones it was first implemented and tested on. I will try see if I can find any information about the developer and then PM it to you so that maybe you can get in touch with him.
  13. Maybe our approach to asking for a fix is all wrong. I have a feeling that if we as a community stated we were willing to pay for a mesh fix patch, almost as if it were some kind of paid DLC, that there would be a working solution in place by tomorrow morning already. Entire staff resources would be devoted to this and they would solve it in record breaking time
  14. I mean a community made mesh detection and prevention system was developed tested and confirmed to be working, it was implemented on certain unofficial servers and to date I have not heard or read any more issues on those servers with meshing. At the time Wildcard said they would have a look at it but that they were already working on their own version of an antimesh system, and at the time (over a month ago) they said they were testing it for false positives. again (over a month ago) Then they just stopped saying anything about it. They pretty much refused peoples requests and inquiries about just implementing the community made system on official servers. I can understand why as it isn't something they developed and so they would need caution and to thoroughly test it themselves, but they didnt even do that, they just flat out rejected it and opted for continuing development on their own anti mesh system... and look how well that has been working -_-. Perhaps it was more a move to save face rather than actual concern over it being community made, I mean an issue they have had and have been "working on" for years was resolved by one guy in his free time. From the looks of it the community one is working as it should and has effectively stopped meshing on the servers it was implemented on, I don't know this for sure however as I don't play on those servers but I havent seen anymore mesh related issues being discussed around those serves. Wildcards fix... well I still see people saying they are getting meshed on the forums So yeah I don't know why they are so opposed to community made fixes when they are proven to work. It almost starts to look as if WC are intentionally keeping meshing alive on official servers. I'm not saying that this is the case I am simply stating how it can look from a players perspective. You reject a fix that works in order to implement your own version but then your own version is proven to not work and instead of looking more into the community made solution you just ignore it and continue to "work" on your own non working solution which clearly doesnt work... Either is comes across as suspicious or like WC are too proud to use community made solutions to their problems . It's like you get bitten by a snake and someone hands you a cure to the venom, but instead you get all offended that they made a cure and so throw it on the ground, you then proceed to urinate in a cup and drink it, telling the other person that your cure is better. then you smile smugly at him as your internal organs begin to shut down....
  15. Are you on singleplayer or on your own hosted server? because there is no way to make dinos despawn/die without console commands as far as I'm aware. If you are on a private or official server then the only way is to mass slaughter, and even then they will spawn back in after x amount of time.
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